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The Bottomline

Housing Crisis: 3 Ways to Ensure You Wouldn’t Lose Your Home

A housing crisis is when the cost of home ownership has become out of reach...


Ideas to Help You Find the Right Accounting Service for Your Business

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Catering to the Needs of Online Gamblers

Mobile gambling has always been quite a controversial topic and continues to be....


The Need for the Recruiting Middleman

The job market is always in a state of flux, mostly because it’s subject to a host...

Financial Sense

Suggestions for Choosing Your Food Business Type


Food trucks, carts and concession trailers, kiosks—there are so many ways to start a small food business. You can also spend a little more and lease a small...


Dare to Think Big: Why a Multiple Family Home Could Be Ideal for You

If you’ve been burned by the stock market during the recent...


How to Deal with Unexpected Medical Bills

Dealing with expensive and unexpected medical bills is stressful,...


What Makes Investing Exciting and Why is it necessary?

In this age of globalization, investment is no longer just an...


For Millenials: Mortgage Hacks for Your New Home

While purchasing and owning a home isn’t something that should...