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The Bottomline
First Job in Canada

First Job Facts: Little Rest Can Lead to No Success

Your family and friends might have taught you how to succeed in your first...

The Board Room

FHA Mortgage Types

The Different Types of FHA Loans: Which One is Perfect for You?

FHA loans are some of the most popular options for borrowers. Guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA)...



Going Digital: Using the Internet for Employee Trainings

Your company wants to expand and upgrade its teaching method for new employees. Why...

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing: How Small Businesses Compete with Large Companies

As a small business owner, the biggest challenge you’ll ever face is carving a...

Financial Sense

Applying for an Auto Loan: The Role of Your Credit Rating


Everywhere in the world, people have become increasingly dependent on credit. That is why it is important to understand what personal credit reports as well as...


Oil Prices Fall as Saudi ends Military Campaign in Yemen

Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest exporter of crude, finally...