5 Must Ask Questions for Your Concrete Repair Contractor

Construction inspector observing current projectYou have some concrete work to do. Whether it’s a new construction or repair job, you know how crucial it is to have it done by a highly experienced contractor. The challenge, however, is finding the right contractor from the large pool of construction companies out there.

It is important to have a series of questions prepared, as these will help you make a good decision. Here are some of them:

Do you have insurance?

Before signing the contract, ask the concrete company if they are fully insured. This will ensure that you are covered against any damages to your property in the course of their work. It will also exempt you from being liable for the medical bills should an accident happens in your premises.

Can I get a list of references?

Ask the company for a list of their previous clients, as well as photos of their previous work. Contact some of the former clients and ask for their reviews and recommendations. Check their level of satisfaction and whether their expectations were met. Inspect the finished work if possible.

It is important to concentrate on reviewing the type of work you are interested in. For example, if you need a concrete driveway repair service for your home in Kansas City, review similar jobs done by the contractor. This information will help you assess the contractor’s reputation and the quality of work to expect.

Where is your physical address?

Any professional concrete contractor should have a physical location. This shows professionalism and is a sign of legitimacy. Be wary of contractors who tell you that they operate only via online platforms. It’s ideal to arrange a visit to their office for an initial consultation.

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Do you offer a warranty?

A reputable contractor will offer you a warranty, at least for a year. If a company doesn’t provide any warranty, move on to the next contractor. Be sure to check the clauses in the warranty to determine what is covered and what is not.

Do you subcontract?

Find out if your prospective concrete company subcontracts. Some companies may have limited resources and to make up for this, they hire another firm or expert to handle some tasks. The sad thing about subcontracting is that it can end up hurting your budget and compromising your project. It will also take more time to finish the work. If possible, hire a contractor who can do all the work.

Finding a reputable and a trustworthy contractor can be a challenge. But with the help of the above questions, you will be able to find the one in no time.