How Can You Tell if a Material Contains Asbestos?

Asbestos signAsbestos, a naturally occurring mineral commonly found in rocks and soil, is extremely hazardous if its fine fibres are released into the air. Any material that contains asbestos, therefore, must be handled with care to avert severe chronic health issues. But how can you identify if an item contains asbestos?

Asbestos-containing materials

Asbestos is durable and resistant to heat. With these qualities, asbestos may be found in fire retardants and insulation materials. Other manufactured goods that may contain asbestos include building materials such as tiles and shingles, friction products like vehicle clutch and brake parts, and heat-resistant coating and fabrics.

You can’t identify asbestos by sight

Asbestos-containing materials are difficult to identify. Unless a product has an asbestos label, you can’t tell whether it contains the hazardous fibres just by looking at it. Whenever you are unsure, treat the material in question as if it has asbestos. Leave it intact and call an asbestos removal expert in Perth, WA.

An inspection to identify unlabeled asbestos

Consult a trained and experienced asbestos expert if you suspect there may be asbestos-containing materials in your home. You should also have the home inspected if you’re planning to remodel it or it has damaged building materials. If such materials are disturbed or deteriorated, they can release asbestos into the air. Disturbance and damage may happen during product use, or building, demolition, repair or remodelling projects.

How asbestos inspectors work

Asbestos professionals inspect a home and assess its conditions. They then take samples of the suspected materials for testing. If there is asbestos, the inspectors will advise on the best corrective measures. To protect your family from asbestos exposure, have your home inspected by an experienced asbestos removal expert.

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