Seven Qualities You Must Look for in a Prospective Business Coach

Business MentoringSuccessful entrepreneurs do not try to reinvent the wheel. Rather, they save time, money and effort by learning about business from people who have already failed and succeeded in business. They know that everyone who wants to succeed needs a coach.

You too should consider business coaching if you are thinking business or management. Just make sure to look for a coach who has the following seven qualities:

1. Experience

You can learn great lessons from someone who has walked the road you are on. An experienced coach’s insight will not only help you avoid making expensive mistakes but also immensely boost your odds of success.

2. Accessibility

You can’t learn from someone you can’t reach. Consider your potential coach’s schedule and availability. Also, ask about how much time the coach has to offer you and her willingness to consider your problems and concerns and customise a coaching program for you.

3. Attitude

A great character makes a coach great. The right coach sees the big picture and doesn’t get easily unsettled. An ideal coach is patient while still being steadfast and determined.

4. Connections

Who you know can be crucial to your success. Business coaches often have long-standing relationships with people who can benefit their mentors. Ask your potential coach if they are willing to help you expand your network.

5. Willingness to share

Great coaches are ready to share all their experiences. They understand that people learn from both the excellent and the unfavourable experiences. Look for a business coach who is prepared to share and help transparently.

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6. Expertise in the area of your interest

A great coach is not a jack of all trades. You can tell someone’s expertise through the kind of lectures they give, the books they have written or the kind of interviews they regularly give.

7. Expectations

A great coach will tell you what she expects from you. She will outline what she needs from you in terms of time and action and then keep you accountable.

Education is key to success. But you would need a lot of resources to teach yourself all the things that interest you. Business coaching helps you save time, effort and money. Look for a great coach and enhance your chance of success immensely.