Turn Your Hobby Into Money: Selling Items at a Farmers’ Market

Farmers MarketPerhaps when you started experimenting with your sticky bun recipe, you just wanted to impress your friends. But now, the baking has taken over your time, and you bake way too many buns than you could eat. This is the perfect time to consider converting that baking hobby into something that helps with the bills.

The farmers’ market is nothing short of magical. Passionate people who believe in their products gather and share their trades and fruits of their labour. Apart from being a gathering place for enthusiasts, people participate as sellers to earn a living and be able to continue creating their products.

Where to Start

The very first step is to get familiar with the farmers’ market in your area. Befriend the stall owners and get information on who’s in charge of the operations. When you start participating as a seller, being comfortable with fellow business people will come in handy.

Your Goods

Of course, if you didn’t like the product you created, you won’t even get the idea of selling at a farmers’ market. For sure, you have slaved nights away trying to perfect the process and now your product is ready to be sold. The next step is to make sure you have the information buyers need — care instructions, source, ingredients, expiration dates and other relevant information depending on your product.

Setting Up a Shop

Once you are happy with your product and you have applied and received approval for a stall in the farmers’ market, you need to figure out how you want your stall to look at. The eyes are the first filter for every buyer, so make sure your stall reflects your brand. Utilise the space, decorate the tables, and have your logo printed on your awning. If you’re looking to sell in Perth, a shade is advisable.

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From here, you just need to be vigilant and pay attention to the development of your business, so you can make the necessary fine-tuning it needs. Your sticky buns will pay for your bills in no time.