Denver’s Rental Properties Remain a Worthwhile Investment

The Denver SkylineRental prices for residential properties in Denver modestly rose in January by 2.1% year over year, which indicated that planning to invest in apartments or homes for rent in Stapleton, CO and other neighborhoods remains a worthwhile venture.

The slight increase also means that prospective tenants will not have to worry too much about high prices. Compared to other cities in the state, Denver apartments remain a more affordable option.

Metro Rental Prices

The price for a two-bedroom apartment in Denver costs more than $1,300, while the same rent in Lone Tree and Parker cost $1,920 and $1,800 respectively. The stark difference in prices will compel more people to choose Denver as their target location, so investors are likely to choose this city as well due to the potential increase in demand.

If you only wish to make the most of rising rents in other neighborhoods in the city, 10 communities have recorded rapid annual growth based on the prices in December 2017. West Highland, for instance, recorded a 19.23% year-over-year increase in rents for a one-bedroom property.

Rapid Price Growth

Cole trailed behind West Highland in terms of rapid price growth for one-bedroom rentals, as prices rose more than 18% to $1,300. In Lowry Field, rents only increased almost 11% yet prices there are more expensive at $1,440.

The rental growth in these communities led Denver to be the 18th most expensive rental market. High yields usually serve as a good enough reason to consider an investment, but you need to find an experienced real estate manager to increase your chances of a profitable return.

It can be difficult to determine whether an investment in Denver’s rental market seems to be a good decision or not. Those who have no background or knowledge of the rental market will have to consult with brokers to find promising assets.

ABS: Engineering Drives Increase in Construction Work to Nearly $62B

Construction Workers During SunsetEngineering projects in the third quarter of 2017 helped drive an increase in Australian construction activity, which amounted to a total value of almost $62 billion, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

The growth may be the largest quarterly increase since the last quarter of 2012, although some analysts believe that it had nothing to do with domestic activity. Tom Kennedy, Economist at JP Morgan, said that an LNG platform’s importation and installation in Western Australia served as the main growth driver.

Domestic construction

While the LNG project contributed to a 46.4 per cent in the value of private sector engineering construction, the value of work in other segments fell during the third quarter of 2017. Residential construction dropped to $18.102 billion, down 1.7 per cent year over year, while non-residential building activity fell by 0.6 per cent to $9.519 billion, according to the ABS.

The overall value of construction work during the three-month period declined 1.4 per cent year over year, amounting to $27.622 billion. Still, the construction industry may rebound by 7.1 per cent in 2017-2018 after three years of a downward trend.

No way to go but up

Non-mining infrastructure and commercial construction will drive the renaissance of work for the industry, as the expected growth in 2017 will continue until 2019, according to the Australian Industry Group-Australian Constructors Association Construction Outlook survey.

The survey showed that overall construction value in 2018-2019 would increase 6.8 per cent. For this reason, the need for equipment such as cherry pickers for hire will likely be more in demand. AI Group CEO Innes Willox said that the forecast indicates that the worst is over the for the construction sector.

The construction industry plays a crucial role in the Australian economy. An increase in building activity bodes well not just for economic growth, but also for equipment suppliers and other businesses that rely on the sector.

​Having a Paw Friend: 3 Good Reasons a Pomsky Can Be a Perfect Pet

A Pomeranian husky cross breedAfter seeing a bunch of adorable photos and videos of dogs online, you finally gave in to the idea of raising a furry friend. Among the most lovable and popular dog breeds today is the pomsky.

Although these crossbreed pups have only been around a few years back, many pet lovers are already falling for its cuteness and charm. If you have plans on having a pet, a pomsky can make a great choice.

They are Good-Natured & Playful

Pomskies acquired the playful and good-natured side of a Pomeranian. They enjoy attention and affection, which is why it’s easy for them to develop a bond with their owners. You will need to allot more time with them, though. Unlike other dog breeds, pomskies seek attention and have a stronger sense of attachment towards their owners.

They are Intelligent Doggies

As both Pomeranians and Siberian Huskies are considered to be some of the smartest dog breeds, it’s expected that their crossbreed would inherit the same level of intelligence. In fact, most breeders of pomskies consider them as the most trainable because of their superior ability. As compared to other dogs, it is fairly easy for them to pick up commands and tricks.

They’ve Got Lots of Energy

Another dominant characteristic of a pomsky is they’re full of spirit and are extremely active. They inherited this trait through their husky roots. As Huskies are known to be working dogs, they require constant movement or any physical activity. Otherwise, they might get frustrated and will become aggressive. One good way to keep them moving is to have them accompany you on your daily jog. Send them for simple errands or schedule a playtime with them.

Sweet, loyal, and cuddly — these are only some of the reasons people enjoy having pets around them. Remember that once you decide to raise a pet, you must take full responsibility in caring for them until the end. After all, they’re like humans who require love and attention.

How to Make a Home for Sale Stand Out


Selling residential homes is a challenging field. The buyers have specifications and locations that interest them. Besides, they would like to see value for money in their purchases. The real estate agents should be a step ahead in studying this market and providing the essential features that satisfy home buyers. Understanding this need will help the agents to work on the requirements in a better way. Young families search for homes that accommodate their children as they grow. It’s necessary to provide sufficient space for the kids to play and hang out. First National Mills & Gibbon knows that. Real estate in Stratford focuses on several strategies to attract and satisfy their clients.

General Outlook

You can impress potential buyers with what they see even before focusing on the little details. The construction materials, the roof and the colour theme form the first impressions. A well-presented home creates an overwhelming desire to own the house. This stage can lead the purchaser to overlook more exquisite details that they can fix later.

Safety Features

Home buyers with young families think about safety measures installed in the house. The staircases should have sturdy handrails that can be easily gripped and securely fastened. The exterior doors should comprise the most durable material, such as steel or wood.

Unique Details

A house that stands out from others in the neighbourhood has a special spark on the buyer. Using different woods and baseboard styles bring out the uniqueness in each house. Buyers’ remember these details, and that is what gets them to purchase.

Spacious Rooms

Every homeowner wants a house with large spaces. However, the land available for this provision is minimal. Therefore, the real estate agents should design details that maximise the small spaces. This strategy will improve the clients’ experience in each room.

Selling a house can be a tedious undertaking. Real estate agents should provide important features that excite the buyers to close more sales and increase their market influence.

Statistics NZ: Building consents rose 12% in August YOY

Apartment buildingBuilding approvals for new residential properties in New Zealand rose 12 per cent in August year over year, which may reverse a cooling market where demand has exceeded supply.

Statistics New Zealand said that the consents for construction projects covered around 3,166 properties, including homes, apartments, townhouses and retirement communities. Houses accounted for a majority of the building approvals with 2,025 properties, followed by 384 consents for apartments.

Record High

In terms of monthly growth, building approvals increased to a 13-year high in August led by consents for new apartments and retirement villages, according to Statistics NZ. The country’s real estate sector has cooled recently amid tougher lending policies. Still, the increase in approvals represented the highest gain since February.

Some cities such as Auckland, however, have unstable movement in building consents, said Statistics NZ construction statistics manager Melissa McKenzie. More than 1,100 new building permits for August are in the city. A growing migrant population in the city has been a challenge for developers to meet the eventual increase in demand. Builders may have also faced other issues such as acquiring a resource consent for land, or limited capital are also some of the underlying issues.

Analyst Insights

ANZ senior economist Phil Borkin believes that the record high in building permits for August will likely be “as high as it’s going to be,” since companies struggle to find skilled workers. Inflation also influences real estate trends, although the market’s nearing peak levels serves as the main reason for subdued activity in new home construction.

However, the silver lining of this scenario could be described as “kind of a plateauing at a strong level,” according to Borkin.


The increase in new building approvals may help future homebuyers in acquiring properties in a tight market, driven by high levels of migration in some cities.

How to Get Funding to Buy That House You’ve Been Eyeing

Home Loans ApplicationA lot of people don’t know much about getting home mortgage loans. When they hear reports regarding the low home loan rates, most of them jump into getting loans without knowledge and planning. However, what they don’t know is despite the low home loan rates this 2017, it’s still hard for individuals to raise enough money to get real estate assets.

In the past years, there were a lot of applications lenders denied because for a number of reasons. One of the solutions for this is to know the ins and outs of the process. Here are some tips from Altius Mortgage Group to make sure your home loans in Utah gets approved:


In getting a home loan, expect that your finances will be checked from cover to cover (or at least the last two to three years). Make sure you have documentation of your income (e.g., Tax returns). However, some lenders seldom focus on this if you can show them a big bank account and a high credit score.

Credit History

Lenders would like to make sure that you pay your bills on time. In getting your credit activity, they would know if you are a good payer. It’s not easy to improve credit ratings, however, low your credit score may be, you can still lift that from the ground by paying debts and maintaining your debts to 30% of your credit limit.

Down Payment

Save your money. It’s easier to get consideration or approval for home loans if you have cash at your disposal. The minimum down payment, however, varies and would depend on the type of loan and the lender’s considerations.


Getting pre-approval is a wise decision both financially and emotionally. It would eliminate the possibility of getting your heart broken because you can’t afford the house you’re eyeing.

If these tips don’t work, don’t give up. Instead, let it be a driving force for you to work on your credit and finances. A lot of people have come to this point and have bounced back. All you have to do is start a plan and work on it.

Boosting Sales Using Cardboard Dump Bins

For Sale Signs HangingStores having clearance sales or offering discounted items often use signs to attract a customer’s attention. Signs are placed inside and outside the store to raise awareness of the discounted items.

The placement of the product on offer is crucial. Often, the discounted items are located near the entrance so that customers immediately see them once they enter the store. If a customer where to go inside a store and have difficulty finding the sale items, he or she may lose interest and leave. Alternatively, if the bargains are kept at the back of the store, a shopper will walk past other items for sale and may see something else to buy. Because the positioning of sale items is so important, cardboard dump bins are one of the most versatile shop display units available.

Advantages of Cardboard Dump Bins

Cardboard dump bins are an excellent choice for displaying fast selling items during stock clearance and product launches. They are easy to move, since cardboard is a lightweight material, so you can make sure the products are in areas with high foot traffic. Dump bins are also a space-saving shop display since many products can be stacked in a freestanding position. Besides its space-saving features, a cardboard dump bin is easily reusable and recyclable.

Boosting Sales and Brand Recognition

Designing a cardboard dump bin with vivid, eye-catching designs ensures that your store’s products stand out among other brands and helps encourage impulse buying. Eye-catching, colourful dump bins, with snappy text and strategically located are a strong tool to convince a potential customer to buy.

Cardboard dump bins are a low-cost and versatile way of selling products. With careful consideration on the type of product and who it is targetted towards, the design can be customised to suit the sales pitch and maximise appeal.

Planning a Wedding as Beautiful as Princess Diana’s

a merry bride spinning around in joyWith the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, everyone is looking back at the life the princess had led. Many remember her for her wedding with Prince Charles, an event that hundreds of millions watched in person or through the live telecast. Who wouldn’t want to have a wedding as iconic as Princess Di’s?

You may not have the same amount of money to spare, and you may not be marrying an actual prince, but you can still make that fairy tale wedding happen in St. Paul, Minnesota. Here are some wedding elements to get on point:

The Right Theme

A wedding can be as magical as any storybook wedding you’ve ever read, or it can be like a page from Harry Potter. A classic choice is a barn wedding, but many want the delicate look that a garden wedding provides.

A traditional church wedding in St. Paul, MN would be iconic if you chose the right church, and a beach wedding with wedding rentals taking care of the tents to set up for the guests would look beautiful come sunset. You have many options, each of them thrilling and romantic in their own right. Choose the one that defines you the most, or the one that you’ve been dreaming of since you first thought of getting married.

The Right Dress

One of the most remembered parts of Princess Diana’s wedding is her wedding dress, a delicate creation with a train that people thought would never end. Though you may want a more economical version, the right cut to accentuate your features should be just as beautiful.

Don’t forget the flowers. Your wedding bouquet — or a wristlet if you’re ready to be less traditional — should complement your outfit.

The Right Scent

Your guests won’t see it. They probably won’t even smell it unless they were close to you — and they won’t be until the reception. But wearing your favorite scent helps keep you in a good mood. Even Princess Diana knew the importance of wearing her favorite scent on her wedding, even though she reportedly spilt the contents of the perfume bottle on her immaculate dress. But hey, even if that happens to you, you’d just smell even more amazing.

Your St. Paul wedding may not be happening in the same cathedral Princess Diana said her vows in, but you can make it just as magical with the right elements. Have fun planning.

The Print Advertising Method for All Your Bulk Print Ad Needs

Two people deciding on a color palette for screen printing

Two people deciding on a color palette for screen printing

Print advertising remains an integral component of a well-designed advertising campaign; without it, you miss out on countless advertising opportunities. And while you should embrace technological advancements such as digital and web-based advertising, it still pays to invest a good portion of your resources in print advertisement.

One of the best and most effective tools when it comes to producing large quantity ads is screen printing. Flexible and dependable, this form of advertising remains a dominant player in the field of mass-imaging. For Signs n Stuff, a local screen printer in Auckland, this option is also cost-effective and adaptable, making it a must-have in your advertising priorities. 

As long as you work with an experienced and reputable Auckland screen printing company, you can reap the following benefits:

Versatility for use on various mediums

There is no other printing method as versatile as screen printing. Fabric is usually the go-to medium for most screen printing jobs. The versatility of this printing method, however, results in jobs on other flat surfaces. See your advertisements printed on plastic, wood and metal—among other things. 

Thanks to this characteristic, you can come up with new and innovative ways to present your products or services and show off what your business or brand has to offer.

Long lasting, complete with great finish

Screen printing inks come with a thickness and composition that give the designs greater resistance against stress. No need to worry about weak advertising materials; these do not easily lose print quality, ensuring that your designs stay intact for as long as possible.

Combine this with the great finish of vibrant colours that screen printing produces and you will amaze both the team and your potential customers.

Straightforward, whether manually placed or automated

The fact that screen printing comes with a basic, unchanging process makes it ideal for big tasks, whether done by hand or through automated systems. Since screen printers do not have to keep changing their tools and supplies, they can offer their expertise and services for a more reasonable price.

Technology is helpful, but traditional methods still matter. Do not forget to include screen printing in your list of advertising priorities and maximise your opportunities. 

Mobile Video is All the Rage: How is Your Strategy Holding Up?

Mobile Video Marketing Concept

Mobile Video Marketing ConceptIn the constantly evolving world of video marketing, even the savviest marketers struggle to keep up. The struggle to come up with new video strategies, however, is worth it as setting stories and content in motion can open up exciting opportunities for your brands.

Videos offer an unparalleled ability to go viral and enhance brand awareness and recall, which can directly affect sales. A survey conducted by WireBuzz, meanwhile, revealed that almost one-third of marketers say a lack of an effective video marketing strategy hampered them from seeing more return on investment (ROI).

Amidst the technological arms race, how then do noteworthy companies like Ahsante Labs create engaging and memorable video strategies?

Invest in New Technology

Savvy marketers maximize new technology by creating compelling videos. They take advantage of new strategies, such as 360-degree videos and virtual reality, to get more views and inspire customers. A study revealed that newer video formats could outperform traditional ones in terms of views, completion, click-through rates, and cost per impression. Despite the same content, copy and ad spend, 360 videos had twice as many viewers compared to conventional videos.

Be in the Moment

According to Facebook, people spend thrice as long watching Facebook Live videos versus conventional recorded video. For this reason, the company updated its algorithm to prioritize live videos in terms of ranking on the News Feed. This helped brands increase their level of organic reach.

Facebook live also offers an opportunity for consumers to engage with your brand, real time. This feature makes such video format significantly more attractive to younger audiences and Millennials.

With the advantages offered by video marketing strategies, forward-thinking brands, such as McDonald’s, Audi, and Marriott Hotel, leverage newer video formats like virtual reality and Facebook live to get their message across. You can do the same with your company by coming up with interesting video content and setting it in motion.