Tips to Ensure Your Website Design Game is a Win

Website Design on Different Devices

Website Design on Different DevicesAccording to the 2015 US Labor Statistics, there are around 205,000 web designers in the country, with about 2,000 working in CT. How do you stand out from this sea, then?

Whether you’re designing a personal site, for business, or a client, keep two things in mind: functionality and impact. Coforge Marketing based in Connecticut shares that to attract traffic, your site needs to stand out from the design perspective. To keep people on your site, you need them to find your site navigation-friendly.

Below are some simple tips that would ensure your website design follows these key concepts.

Simplicity is key

Unless you are a well-established business with a strong client base already, it’s the best bet that you keep your web page clean and clutter-free. Avoid putting too many things on your page that may confuse users. You need to ensure that users won’t have any difficulty in navigating your site. To do this, shy away from flash and glitter; make all elements that you put count.

Create more space

It’s a classic design principle that white space provides eyes rest and allows them to focus. Apply the same concept when designing your site (it doesn’t need to be literally white either!). You’ll find that adding space around and between elements can guide users in navigating the site and help them focus.

Be smart about using images

When incorporating images on your site, don’t think of them as a separate element. Each one you place on your site should be connected to your brand image. A good strategy to ensure harmony between your design and your brand is to make pictures, including their size and number to be used, be part of your branding discussions.

Be mobile friendly

As more and more users browse on their mobile devices for information, having a responsive design is not an option. Make sure that your site won’t lose out from mobile users. Ensure that all elements of your design are also optimized for mobile use.

First Day Luck: Planning the Success of Your Store’s Opening Day

Making Your Store’s Opening Day a Success First day at school. First day at work. First day in a new home.

Can you remember your life’s first days? If you notice, they’re not always fun. They can be stressful, and they can make you feel uncomfortable. Take your first day at school, for example. You struggle to find your classes and your friends.

The same applies to the opening day of stores. You’ll struggle to find new customers, and you’ll find to gain traction. Here are some tips that will help you turn your store’s opening day into a success.

Implement Teasers Ahead of Time

It’s important that you grab the attention of your target audience. And what better way to do it than having some intriguing teasers. You can put up teaser posters on your storefront or around the vicinity. To target people online, you can set up banner ads and sponsored social media materials that feature these teasers.

Make Your Store Presentable

Just like what you do on your life’s other first days, you’re going to dress up your store to make it look cool and awesome. Other than making your storefront look good, you should plan the space’s layout to accommodate the traffic much easier. Complete the ergonomics by using good commercial lighting from Florida. And when the visitors start pouring in, you can take a picture of them and post it on your social media page to drum up buzz and excitement.

Offer Something

To persuade prospective customers to buy something from you eventually, you can offer them freebies that demonstrate how your products work. If you can’t offer samples of your products, you can offer them discount coupons.

Your store’s first day will surely be a blast if you follow these tips. To improve your plans, you can always consult a brand activation specialist or find inspiration online.

Staying Competitive in PPC Management: Resurrecting Undperforming Ads

Resurrecting Undperforming Ads in DenverNothing stays the same in the field of online advertising. What you know today might not be relevant tomorrow. Innovations happen all the time; as a result, brands and marketers are always scrambling for the latest update or algorithm change. To stay on top, it pays to stay competitive.

One missed step on Google’s platform equates to plenty of missed opportunities.

In terms of PPC campaigns, a number of factors exist to ensure success., a digital marketing expert, believes it is all about strategy, creativity, and frequent cases of trial and error. On your way to success, however, do not expect that all of your PPC efforts will reap benefits. Underperforming ad campaigns happen, but how you deal with the situation makes a difference. 

So, how do you deal?

Hello Dynamic Search Ads

Sellers are big fans of Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs); these tools are helpful in extracting data about products that generate the most sales. How do these pieces of information help?

DSAs boost all SEO efforts through prioritization: you’ll know which search terms drive more leads. Today, Google scours the internet for pages and products, determining which of these are worth their ads. How can you increase your chances of getting picked? Focus on relevance and quality.

It’s not enough, however, to just use the DSAs. For it to work, caution is a must. If you do not implement them properly, things WILL go wrong. So if you aren’t a big fan of nonsensical ad titles, wrong grammar, spammy content, and misspelled keywords, pay extra attention.

Let’s Go, Mobile!

Fact: By 2019, mobile will be responsible for more than 33% of media ad expenditures in the U.S. With that knowledge (combined with Google’s love for all things mobile), incorporating mobile is the obvious next step.

Underestimating the power of mobile ads is one of the biggest mistakes marketers and businesses can make. For the experienced digital marketer, these are necessary power tools in their toolbox.

Since Mobilegeddon, Google has released countless mobile ad elements, which include call-only campaigns and price extensions. The search engine giant has also released “responsive ads for display” to help brands and marketers streamline copies and images according to budgets.

To make mobile ad campaigns work, always link to mobile-friendly landing pages. Also, since mobile users are fast decision makers, your compelling content should be the FIRST thing they see. The call to action should also be on the first description line.

Want to increase click-through rates (CTRs)? Leverage your extensions – phone call extensions, location extensions, site link extensions, and price extensions.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads and Customer Match

Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) are in charge of display advertising via remarketing lists. This tool is also responsible for serving ads according to the visitors and criteria that got them on the list.

Think of it this way: a customer abandons their shopping cart filled with shoes. The RLSA automatically adds them to a list, which serves them ads on shoes with the hope that they’ll come back and buy. Whenever users visit specific pages on your site, RLSA follows them and serves relevant ads.

Do not lose hope when you experience underperforming PPC campaigns. In most occasions, all you need is a tune-up and doses of creativity. Instead of complaining, brainstorm new strategies to supercharge your PPC campaigns. 

Using the Tone of Your Content to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Content Marketing in Calgary, AlbertaThere are brands that tend to sound stern and cold on their website, driving away potential customers and investors. Although professionalism is something that all businesses should strive to have, the right amount of readability will humanize the brand and eventually draw in a following.

In business websites, Parxavenue believes that content is key in keeping it active and buzzing. The tone of the writing has a big effect on how the public perceives the brand.

Creating Killer Titles

While the first sentence of an article keeps the reader hooked, the title should be no less than the cream of the crop. The title is one of the most important parts of a piece of content because it’s the first thing a potential customer sees when searching on Google. It sets the tone for the entire article.

A great title is a little bit like excellent copywriting: getting the best words in as few characters as possible. Titles of articles are sometimes the only things that internet users read these days. If your title is just as good (or even better than) as your content, you’re more likely to gain traffic on your website.

Walk the Talk

Experts recommend SEO companies to write content that sounds as if the brand is talking directly to the client. When you’re trying to sell a product, you don’t immediately bombard them with scientific terms or technical jargon. What you want to do is to keep a smooth conversation going.

In keeping the tone friendly and engaging, colloquial terms are necessary. Use words or phrases that will resonate with your target audience. Once Google has picked up on your growing viewership, they will trust your website and pull you up the ranks.

The goal of great content is to get the information as fast and as accurately as possible. Use your website to create rapport with your target audience – your SEO rank will thank you later.

Baltimore: A Better Place to Enjoy Leisure, Life and Living

Real Estate Agent in BaltimoreBaltimore may have a suburban feel but it’s still a major city. As a matter of fact, it ranked 67 as one of the best cities to live in the US with a 6.4 over 10 scorecard. But there are more practical reasons why you should consider moving to Baltimore.

Affordable Living

Imagine living in a city that can give you a two-storey house for the price of a studio unit in other major metropolises. Despite being practically a ride away from Washington DC, Philadelphia, and New York, Baltimore offers lower cost of living and affordable real estate. All you need to do is find the right real estate agent, property and mortgage lender and you’re good to go, an expert from Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. advised.

Ease of Transportation

Buses and trains are available, with routes that can take you even to neighboring cities. And though you can still drive to work, you can choose to be more eco-friendly and pedal to your office. Bicycle riding is highly encouraged in Baltimore since it gives one the chance to exercise without burning fossil fuel, the air or your gas money.

Rich Culture and History

Local food markets and dining establishments offer fresh produce, seafood, and international cuisine at half the usual prices in other major cities. Take advantage of amazing music and art events with very affordable ticket prices. Visit the Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum, the summer art festival Artscape and the Baltimore’s Washington Monument for a dose of history and culture as well.

Upcoming Upgrades

Though safety is a concern in a few areas in Baltimore; continuous civic and community drives to upgrade the city’s security and crime-prevention measures have been put in effect within the past years. There is also a thrust for more employment openings, community outreach organizations and social-civic programs.

Feel free to visit Baltimore and see what else this charming city has to offer. Do enjoy the sights but find the time to check on schools, neighborhoods, and real estate. After all, Baltimore has more to offer than just a great time.

Motorsport Advertising: One Half Fighting Smoking, One Half Exposure Gold Mine

F1 Racing

F1 RacingCigarettes are a part of how motorsport grew into a mammoth of a deal, as ironic as that sounds. The tobacco companies spent excessively to help their teams lure the fastest drivers, thus gaining maximum exposure for their money. This kind of method was most evident in Formula 1, where the actual thing happened: the greatest drivers of yesteryears almost all raced for teams that had major tobacco money.

Fifteen years since F1 banned their biggest advertising customers, they are still fighting to build their modern image. More than that, not everyone followed suit. Many regional racing events in Europe still allow tobacco and alcohol advertising on competing vehicles. Nevertheless, the world of motorsport moved on from the cash injection from their most influential partners and their biggest ethical conundrum.

It is not dead, but removed from the biggest possible event. So, what is the issue?

Exemplary Liveries, Unwanted Effect, Bad Timing

The divorce of mainstream motorsport and tobacco advertising was not messy, but it was detrimental to both parties. Cigarette companies lost their biggest horse, racing lost its biggest bettor. You can say that now, it is all forgotten, thanks to the bosses at Formula 1, MotoGP and various V8 Championships and their effort to boost the advertising value of their events.

Car RacingBut, no company today advertised like the tobacco titans. Unlike them, these modern-day sponsors are less involved in the sport and are more like pure financial partners. Before, Marlboro, Camel, Mild Seven, Rothmans and other cigarette producers want their liveries adorning the cars with the fastest drivers getting pole positions. They also struck gold because the drivers before were monuments to the sport.

To name a few: Schumacher won five straight titles with a Marlboro streak just behind him, Ayrton Senna also raced a Marlboro-backed McLaren-Honda, the yellow of Camel on Nigel Mansell’s championship car, the list goes on and on. In the Australian Touring scene of the 90’s, the best cars had Winfield sponsorship.

Furthermore, the tobacco guys knew how to advertise and boy, did they have legendary liveries. Even from the start of the partnership at Lotus, the ads were just phenomenal. What do people remember about Fernando Alonso’s championships from ‘06 and ’07? It was the big Mild Seven logos, which complemented his Renault car very well. Again with Marlboro, who were present in the fastest cars in F1, World Rally, NASCAR and more.

Now, is there any driver that can match these champions’ prestige, let alone touch base with Schumacher and Senna? No one, and that is the problem. The brands went well with the driver, but now, the driver goes well with the car. There is no conscious connection with the sponsors anymore. The last big palpable link between sponsor and driver was when Jenson Button shaved his beard because McLaren took Gillette on as a sponsor.

What is There to Learn

Companies should take note that motorsport is wildly popular and advertising here is an exposure gold mine. People watch the cars, intently, and as a result, they see the brands repeatedly for hours. Even in events outside of F1, the V8 Supercars in Australia as an example, the crowd is immense. Wherever you look at it, in television or physical numbers, motorsport livery makes an impact, a big impact.

This is why tobacco poured hundreds of millions into the sport. Your budget may not be as big, but whatever premium that comes with motorsport advertising is worth it.

Most importantly, it is crucial to have the right advertising partner. It does not necessarily mean having a Marlboro-Ferrari kind of marriage, but the print has to be memorable. More than that, it has to be top quality, according to Event Display. These vehicles go to the absolute limit and it is not just the car that has to keep up. If you are planning to use them as marketing vessels, your livery should last.

Tobacco sponsorship taught the whole advertising world something: the influence of money fades, so you have to make do with the time and space you have. In marketing terms, make your liveries memorable and bet on the right team.

Consumer Dilemma: Which Drink Do I Pick?

Selling a new beverageSelling a new beverage in an already crowded market is a huge challenge. With all the existing brands and variety of flavors available, it can be difficult to come up with something original. Finding your niche in this industry may be close to impossible so you might simply set yourself up for competition. While you may have a winning formula in hand, it is not enough to help you succeed in business.

The success of a beverage not only comes from its taste and quality. Here are some other things people look into when choosing a favorite drink.


A drink is just as good as its container. Most of the time, the quality of the contents can easily be judged by the packaging it comes from. When a company puts a little effort into the design of the bottle, consumers may simply see it as a reflection of the drink's taste. This is why before you get beverage label printing services, you need a good design to match your product. After all, the bottle is what you will always see first when buying a drink from a store. Just by looking at it, it has to draw people's curiosity and make them consider buying your beverage.


You are not just selling a beverage. You are also selling the lifestyle that it represents, explains an expert from Depending on the kind of drink you have, it may also target a specific group of people. Whether you wish to tell health conscious individuals to try your drink or those who want your beverage as part of their gym routine, it is all about branding. Know your target market and create a brand out of your product. It is easier to sell something people can associate themselves with.

Succeeding in this business is never just about the quality of your product. It is important but it is not everything.

4 Common Internet Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Internet Marketing in DenverThe Internet was once a source of information only during its early years. Later on, it evolved into a powerful tool — a tool that digital marketers have a lot to thank for. How effective it is may depend on the campaign, though.

If you are new to Internet marketing, Denver experts suggest avoiding these mistakes:

Don’t underestimate the power of social media

Social media may have been on the newer side, but they now have become an effective instrument in Internet marketing. The number of views a good video receives on YouTube can attest to the fact that social media platforms help spread information, as they are a means people use to connect.

Don’t focus on quantity alone

The trick is not on how many pages you have set up, but on what each of them contains. Create high-quality content that viewers would want to share. Forget about creating a content only to please Google. Impress readers by making your content engaging, useful, and relevant.

Don’t ignore mobile

It is good that you have a website. Now, people can visit your pages even if you are offline. Your website stays visible 24/7 and unless you’ve optimized it for mobile, you will only have limited viewers. People use a mobile phone more often than a desktop to search online today, according to

Don’t disregard help from experts

Perhaps one of your cost-cutting strategies is not to get help from an expert. Think again before it is too late. This should be more so the case if you are a newbie. If you can’t hire an expert, try to consult one at least.

Internet marketing involves too many approaches of which every move can make or break the result of the campaign. Get help from an expert and remember to avoid the common digital marketing pitfalls.