Why Print Media Still Works

folded newspapersBusinesses nowadays might not be focusing as much on print media. They’re not wrong to do so. Digital is all the rage, and almost everyone uses and benefits from it. It’s instantaneous, costs a lot less, and can reach more people in a shorter span of time. Not to mention, all results are tangible and measurable.

However, don’t count out print media just yet. There is a reason it still exists because it still works. Local printing services here in Australia and beyond would agree. Under the right circumstances, print media can be as beneficial as digital. Here’s why.

The Internet Isn’t Everything

Almost everyone might be on the internet, but it isn’t everything. Writing for LinkedIn, veteran marketer Sabline Carbaugh makes a solid point. She states that 79 percent of consumers act on direct mail ads quicker compared to email ads (45 percent).

This results in response rates greater than email itself (1.1 to 1.4 percent versus 0.03 percent). Why does print still work? There are several reasons. A good one involves target marketing. Compare a magazine dedicated to a specific market (i.e. dog lovers) and email blasts from an agency.

If the publication is specifically intended for that demographic, they’re more likely to consider the information useful to them. One may argue that digital also has its targeting parameters (i.e. Facebook, Google, etc.) but there is always room for error.

The message may reach the people they want, but people won’t necessarily act on it. It’s because they receive it out of nowhere and don’t deliberately seek it. But when they buy a dedicated publication, they actively find that information.

A World of Fakes

Everyone knows this: the internet will always have fake ads. Things such as pop-ups, direct mail, and dialogue boxes with links are likely to lead to a virus or any other digital threat. Print media is completely safe from that risk.

Thus, people consider print as a more reliable source of information. One can also add that print is a long-running medium and there is little reason not to trust it.

Do not sleep on print media. This should be the mantra of all businesses even today.

How Free Coffee at Work Helps

brewed coffee poured in a mugFor many people, a cup of coffee is the best way to start their day and keep them going, especially for the office workers. This is one of the many reasons why providing your employees with free coffee at work is the best way to boost their productivity and morale.

Here are some more reasons you should have high-quality commercial espresso coffee machines at the office.

Coffee improves employee productivity and morale

Science has proven time, and again caffeine induces people to be alert, awake and focused. As it also results in improved concentration and memory, they are less likely to commit mistakes at work. Coffee is especially beneficial for employees who have long work schedules or during late hours.

Aside from improving employee productivity, providing them with good coffee at work lets them know that their boss has their best interests at heart, which makes them happy while at work.

Coffee keeps employees honest at work

Studies have shown that sleep-deprived people are more likely to engage in unethical behaviours or practices at work. Caffeine can help combat this by giving them the willpower and alertness to control their actions.

But even if you do not overwork your employees, other factors contribute to how much rest they get such as having children to take care of which is something you cannot control. However, what you can do is provide them with a cup of coffee or two to help keep their energy and honesty up at work.

Coffee breaks lets the employees socialise with each other

A coffee break is a great way to catch up with colleagues. A simple chat here and there can strengthen the bond between co-workers that help them work together better. Meetings over a cup of something hot as coffee also helps everyone relax.

A more relaxed mind is more likely to come up with great ideas. Furthermore, it also lets employees interact with their bosses in a less formal way.

Coffee is a simple pleasure, but good coffee is a luxury. Keep your employees pampered and happy with an espresso coffee machine at the office and see how they become much more productive.

Unleash Your Inner Rock Star with the Right Recording Studio

recording studioYou spend most of your time coming up with new songs, and you finally saved up enough to record officially it in production studios here in New York. This is why you want to make sure that the finished track precisely reveals your artistic vision.

To generate a recording that you are most pleased with, you have to consider several factors, and probably the most essential among them is the studio itself. Creating music needs proper equipment, environment and people, so you should know what to look for.


Even though most musicians would rather utilize their own particular equipment when recording to achieve a signature tune, a good studio must still give you options. A range of equipment will let you take your primary vision to a different level, so search for a studio with a lot of premium quality choices.

Producers and Engineers

Determine that the engineers and producers are the right fit for your music by listening to other recordings done there. You can even book an appointment with the engineer before your recording time to ensure that you see eye-to-eye with your vision.

You will spend time with the people working there, so it is essential that they also share your vision and that you all get along.

The Environment

Recording in a cold, damp basement will not produce similar results like in a comfortable studio room. Even though room sound and acoustics are crucial, personal comfort is also just as significant. Inevitably, your surroundings will have an impact on how well you play.

Consider visiting the studio to get a feel for what it would feel like to spend time there. If you plan to come back there for several recording sessions, ensure that it is entirely safe and that you are comfortable keeping your equipment there if need be.

In the end, just make sure that you do not rush into choosing a studio. It does not matter how excited you are to be recording officially in a studio. Your priority right now is to make sure that you choose the right one.

Self-Storage Units and How to Choose the Right Facility

A couple just moved in to a new houseMoving is such a hassle. Aside from the packing and transporting your stuff, securely storing your them is also a challenge you have to face. After all, you cannot just leave them in front of your street. Luckily, there are self-storage units that you can use.

Before you enjoy the convenience of having your own self-storage unit, it is important to choose the right one that would suit your needs. Here are what you should consider in this endeavour.

Storage Type

Are you moving interstate and would need your storage to be mobile with you? Companies similar to Australian Mobile Storage that offer storage solutions such as Taxibox can help you move from Brisbane to other states across Australia. If you are just moving to another neighbourhood, the traditional storage units they offer will do. You should also consider the type of storage as well as its size. For this, you need intensive research to know the other various choices you have.


Do you need to drive for more than an hour to have access to your things in storage? That is impractical. Finding a storage unit you can easily access whenever you want is better — for obvious reasons.

Security and Access

Security is a very important aspect to consider when choosing a storage unit. Do guards man the area? Does the premise have security cameras in place? What are their policies when it comes to accessing your storage unit? Ensuring security is a must to prevent losses, damage, and theft.

Structural Condition

Storage facilities are not exempt from natural calamities. Make sure your chosen storage is well kept and can protect your things against extreme weather conditions. Check the structure not just of your storage, but the whole facility as well.

Gain peace of mind by choosing the right storage facility for your belongings. Keep these points in mind when choosing a storage facility, and you will surely be in good hands.

Find the Right Location for a Borehole

Worker monitoring bore hole drilling
A majority of property owners who wish to have a borehole determine its location based on the convenience of the site. However, drillers can’t place a borehole anywhere. Homeowners have to compromise in one way or another.

To ensure that you find the most suitable place for your borehole, expert bore drillers like Carlyle Drilling explain that you should determine the perfect location. Keep the following in mind.

Groundwater Floor Direction

If the direction of flow of the groundwater is established, it is advisable to install the borehole far from the sewage system, to move contamination away from the well. Normally, the groundwater flows towards the direction that the land slopes. However, if your ground appears flat, it may be difficult to tell. It makes it necessary to engage professional well drillers in determining the direction of the flow in your property.

Environmental Factors

These factors involve natural phenomena that are not the result of any human activity. For instance, you need to consider the type of soil near the surface. If you have clay, silt or sand, then contaminants will not reach your water as they will be filtered out. If there are bodies of water such as ponds, rivers and streams, there is a high possibility of contamination. Make sure that your borehole is located 15 metres away from the surface waters.

Human Activity

These are human activities that impact the location of your borehole. They may include burials, animal pens, industrial facilities, power lines, an abandoned well, and future developments. Observing these factors will ensure that you invest in a place that avoids underground water contamination.

When you have considered these things, make a simple sketch of the layout you found. Measure the distances from your preferred well location and the possible contaminants. This will ensure that your borehole is in the right place on your property. 

How to Know the Right Dog Products

Young woman and her German shepherd dogThe search for the right supplies for your dog can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you see the sheer volume of products available, both in physical and online stores. Pet care continues to be an ever-expanding market, what with more and more families taking fluff balls into their homes.

In Australia, about 4.2 million households own dogs and approximately 3.3 families have cats. These high figures fuel the growth of pet supplies stores nationwide, including online shops like Shop4Pets. Those looking to buy dog products, therefore, have a wide array of choices.

Here are three ways you can find the right products for your dog.

Do not be fooled by fancy marketing terms.

The value of dog food products does not depend on fancy terms like “organic,” “natural” or “human grade.” Take note that even human-grade food that is not properly handled or processed may be contaminated with harmful organisms such as salmonella.

Do not be discouraged by tough-sounding jargon.

On the other hand, some dog supplies, especially food items, do contain ingredients that are very difficult to pronounce. This, however, does not translate to being harmful to your pet. For example, names such as phylloquinone and cobalamin are simply scientific names for Vitamins K1 and B12.

Confirm the right size and fit for your dog.

When choosing a harness, for instance, it is best to determine the size and fit first by measuring your dog’s ribcage. By doing this, the proper size is confirmed and checked against what the harness packaging states.

Buying dog products online is easier now than ever. By buying the right products, you can be sure to make your pet even more comfortable.

Why Stadium Upgrades are Necessary

Audience enjoying inside stadiumStadiums are essential for entertainment. Stadiums and arenas serve as venues for sports events, concerts, as well as other big events and gatherings. Monumental concerts with tens of thousands of people in attendance require specific equipment to suit such big events. Sports stadiums are designed as open air stadiums or sometimes have retractable roofs.

Refurbishing Older Stadiums

Although stadium design has advanced with new technologies, older stadiums are only now being refurbished to take advantage of these developments. In addition, recent regulations and pertinent laws regarding seating and access for the disabled have made stadium seating changes and solutions a priority.

For instance, the University of Nevada, Reno had to introduce additional changes in the seating to comply with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). The law was introduced in 1990, and last year, the university spent $14 million to comply with the ADA. This resulted in some unforeseen problems which had to be corrected this year with additional renovations which cost an additional $700,000.

Setting up and renovating a stadium is not an easy task. Even then, some issues may occur regarding funding, schedules and construction. Stadium seating solutions are meant to help with making construction much easier. These are not shortcuts, rather aids in construction and meeting the requirements set by the ADA.

Technology and Convenience

Some of the most advanced technologies included in the latest stadium upgrades include WIFI access, as well as LCD screens per seat. These may not be noticeable, but these are for the benefit of the spectators. The more noticeable changes have included the stadium turf, special booths for VIP guests, as well as the stadium lighting. The seats are the most important in all these renovations.

People enjoy a game where they can see the action, and attending a game at a stadium that gives premium seating arrangements brings a different kind of excitement.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Shredding Service

A Document ShredderShredding is one of the most convenient ways to dispose of sensitive materials such as documents or any other products that need to be destroyed.   However, finding the most reliable confidential shredding services from companies such as LKM Recycling is not always easy.  You should consider the following factors to find the right shredding service to suit your needs.


Any shredding firm should have the documents and permits. If a firm is certified to handle shredding services, you will also be confident that any sensitive material that is handed over to such company will be safe in their hands.

It is also best to look for a company that could offer an on-site risk assessment for information breach. They should offer a certificate of destruction for every service they render.

On-site or off-site shredding

The shredding process can either be on-site or off-site. Some shredding firms will bring along portable shredders to your place of work and then let you stand witness as they dispose of the documents. But there are other companies which will take your waste to destroy them off-site. Depending on the sensitivity of your documents, it is vital to choose a firm that uses a shredding strategy that suits you.

Mode of shredding

Cutting the material to be disposed into tiny pieces is not enough to ensure that the material cannot be used. You need to hire confidential shredding services. Choose a firm that uses an effective shredding method that will destroy that material.

Disposing of sensitive material is one way to make sure that your company’s confidential information remains a secret. Choose reputable confidential shredding services to ensure that any materials are destroyed to prevent improper handling of such information and materials.

3 Garage Door Safety Reminders For Your Family

Wide white garage door

Wide white garage door Any type of appliance or equipment that you have at home should be used properly to avoid problems or accidents. A garage door accident, for example, is something you don't want to happen in your premises. Sometimes, the use of modern technology comes with safety risks, especially if you are not careful enough.

If you think your garage door in Bucks County is already unsafe, contact a garage door repair specialist immediately to prevent any possible problem that may harm your family. It also pays to discuss with the members, especially with your children, all the safety measures you can take. Here are some of them:

It is not a toy

It is important that your kids know that your garage door is not a toy that they can play with. Kids nowadays are very curious and creative; they can invent any game that might involve the door. Always remind your children that they should not race to a moving garage door in any way at any time. As much as possible, don’t let them play near the garage door.

Keep your hands away

Everyone should observe safety measures, including you. When the garage door is in operation, either opening or closing, keep your fingers or hands away from the rollers and track because you might get yourself seriously injured. It's best to educate your children about this possibility as well.

Prevention is always a better option

If your garage door started malfunctioning or you can already hear some unnecessary sounds, don’t think twice and have it checked by an expert right away. If you are not a trained technician, don’t even try to do the job on your own. Invest in yearly maintenance and inspection of your garage door for your peace of mind.

Protect your family from danger by constantly reminding them of the safety risks associated with using your garage door. In addition, take all the necessary precautions to avoid any accident.

Prime Reasons for Considering Waterproofing Options

Exterior basement wall waterproofing

Exterior basement wall waterproofingWhether you are building a commercial or residential structure, the kind of foundation you build matters a lot. The foundation is what your structure will be built on, and this could make all the difference concerning the structural integrity of your building. The professionals at Waterproofing Direct explain that ensuring that waterproofing options are considered from the start could substantially arrest a vast number of grave foundation problems.

Water Proofing Is Essential

Unfortunately, some builders consider waterproofing concrete to be an expensive and unnecessary affair. This is not the case. The measures you take would prevent water from seeping up from the ground. This would in turn greatly reduce the chances of your concrete cracking. Most importantly, it would keep mould issues at bay.

It Is Cost-Effective

Most foundation problems are not cheap. This is more so the case if your building begins cracking from beneath. Additionally, you would need to have a good budget to deal with mould issues frequently. If water keeps seeping from the ground, this only means that mould will be a consistent problem. It would also ruin furnishings and finishes in residential settings, cause damage to equipment, cause down time, and loss of revenue.

Enhances Structural Integrity

Any system that is designed for waterproofing will keep water away from your building foundation. It would also prevent moisture from moving up the walls. Most importantly, it would serve as general ground treatment when constructing basements. All this calculates to having a stable structure that passes the bar of structural integrity. The best waterproofing concrete suppliers in Sydney will have a range of products from which you could choose. Get the views of a qualified contractor and ensure that you pick a product that suits your waterproofing needs. Taking the right measures during construction could save you from expensive undertakings when attempting repairs.