Make Money on the Side: 3 Side Jobs for Extra Cash

Rental HomeThere are different ways to earn extra income; you just have to be enterprising enough and willing to do just about anything legal to make some money. Remember, your intention is to make more cash, so it doesn’t matter whether it is in line with your day job or not, you can learn it and make money off it.

Here are some suggestions

Take in a tenant

You can rent out a bedroom or perhaps an extra room above the garage. All you have to do is equip it with the basic necessities like a bathroom, a bed, a small table with a chair, and a TV. If you had to move to another location due to your job’s demands, don’t think about selling your house immediately. Think about renting it to tenants, especially if it’s located near tourist or vacation spots. Just remember to change the coverage to vacation rental home insurance, because the protection for a house you’re living in is different from the protection for a house you’re renting out.

Take in passengers

Services like Uber have changed the way people look at their cars. You can turn your car into your side job by making it available to passengers when you’re not at work. Turn it into your four-wheeled money machine. The good part is, you can just log off if you have to take a break.

Take in customers

Seen one of those tiny sheds converted into bars? If your area laws allow such a business, you can convert that shed or garage into a pub. Open only on weekends, if you like. You’ll be surprised how fast word spreads about a new watering hole. You can also have an employee; one bartender can handle a tiny shed/pub.

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These are some creative and simple ways to make some extra cash. There are more side jobs out there you can explore. All it takes is an entrepreneurial spirit and some creativity.