Suggestions for Choosing Your Food Business Type

Food Business TypeFood trucks, carts and concession trailers, kiosks—there are so many ways to start a small food business. You can also spend a little more and lease a small restaurant space.

To help you choose which one of these options is the best one for your business idea, here are some definitions.

1. Food truck. As the name suggests, it’s fast-food on wheels. Compared to a kiosk or cart, a food truck can carry more food and handle more business. All you need is a place to park, preferably somewhere you’re likely to attract a lot of people. Popular places are corporate parks and beaches during summer. It all depends on the kind of fare you serve. A food truck allows food preparation as it is usually equipped with a kitchen.

2. Food cart. A food cart usually has a more limited area, so the food is prepared and packaged ahead of time. Some food carts have a place for heating up or freezing food. Compared to a food truck, a food cart usually focuses on simpler products such as ice cream or burgers.

3. Restaurant. Of course, this means a building, so it’s the most different as it is a permanent fixture. If you don’t want to worry too much about setting it up, think about buying a franchise. Look for a bubble tea franchise price, for instance, and you can decide which one suits your budget and the kind of restaurant you would like to operate.

4. Kiosk. A kiosk is even simpler than a food cart and it is the option if you want a temporary setup that’s easy to dismantle. It usually works even inside shopping malls, where you may also be allowed to set up a few tables and chairs for customers.

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5. Concession trailers. A concession trailer is like a food cart, but it can be pulled using a vehicle and left temporarily at the place where you would like to offer your goods. This is a cheaper option than a food truck, but you can also take it to sporting events or parks.

There’s all manner of shapes and sizes and offerings as far as the food business is concerned. Choose one that fits your style and budget more. Then you can think of any number of combinations in the long term.