3 Careers That Don’t Feel Like Work

Wonderful Careers in AucklandThere are jobs that pay the bills, and there are jobs that pull you out of bed in the morning. There are jobs that leave you drained and stressed, and there are jobs that feel like play.

Here are some of the most fun careers that will give you serious day job envy:

Travel Writer

There isn’t anything more fun than getting paid to travel. Imagine having the beach as your office or the mountains as your meeting venue. Notable agencies like Quinn Recruitment can hook you up to jobs in Auckland that will let you travel for a career.

Other writing jobs that focus on food and events are also equally exciting. Plenty of websites and online magazine sites are hiring a surplus of content writers that does food and event reviews. Minimal requirements are usually an experience in writing and an open mind.

Wedding Planning

Although a stressful job at its finest, wedding planning is a career that is as exciting and fun as it is demanding and taxing. So if you enjoy organising, putting things together, like eating cake and matching colour palettes, and have a calm demeanor, you and this career could be a great match.

Performing Arts

With a career in performing arts, you’re guaranteed to work on your passion every day. Whether it’s dancing, singing or acting, or any of the other beautiful aspects of this industry, a normal day at work is just you practicing your craft or sharing it to others who appreciate your art.

There should be more to this list, like interior decorating, set styling, and social media managing. But the truth is that a career only begins to not feel like work when you begin to understand and appreciate it for what it is: it’s a job, it has demands, and it won’t always feel like how you want it to be.

The key to finding a career that won’t feel like work is finding one that you love – or at least, learn how to.

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