3 Tips on How to Sell Your Home Fast at a Good Price

for sale sign at luxury houseThanks to the Beehive State’s thriving real estate industry, many Utahns have fallen in love with the idea of selling their house. The sale process can be time-consuming, though, because your home isn’t the only one for sale. Moreover, buyer preferences can vary greatly. If you want to turn your property into cash fast, SkyBuys.com and other experts say that you have to be strategic with your approach.

To get your home sold in no time and receive your desired asking price, use these smart tips:

Target Flippers

A good way to expedite the home sale is to offer your property to flippers. They’re investors who are willing to pay “as is.” Unlike other buyers who are looking for a home to live in, flippers want to renovate old properties their way to make them attractive real estate pieces. If you’re putting a fixer-upper on the market, targeting flippers spare you the ordeal of home repair.

Put Your Home’s Best Face Forward

Curb appeal isn’t a myth like what you’re told. Real estate experts would tell you that properties that look beautiful from the street get sold faster than those that are less pretty. In fact, most buyers focus more on exterior shots than interior shots in listing sites. Investing a little in sweat equity can go a long way. Pressure-washing your siding and hardscaping or applying a fresh coat of paint to walls is a small expense to increase your home’s value by thousands.

Throw In Service Plans

Studies show that properties that come with service plans, such as roofing and window warranties, spend less time on the market than those with none. Instead of offering just your home to the buyer, make the deal sweeter by adding transferable guarantees to the mix. They give potential buyers some peace of mind, knowing that they have protection against defects in building materials.

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Selling properties is an art as much as it is a science. With the right mindset, you can make your home the most attractive piece of real estate in your neighborhood.