4 Easy Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Glass Windows in Good Condition

Glass window cleaningFor most people, glass is the material of choice for windows, and for good reasons. Glass is elegant, durable and modern. But most of all, the material lets natural light shine through, making your living or working space bright and airy. So how do you take care of your glass so that it stays both appealing and functional? Here are a few tips:

Fix damaged parts promptly

Splinters, holes and cracks on your glass are not only unsightly but also potentially harmful. The moment you notice any damage to your glass, have a glass repair expert in Auckland fix your windows immediately. When you ignore the problem, the window will deteriorate even further.

Clean them regularly

One of the best things about glass windows is that they are very easy to clean. Over time, dirt, dust and other sorts of sill collect on the windows. Unless you clean the dust, windows can become an eyesore, and the glass won’t let in as much light as it should. So take out a vacuum and suck the dust up, then wash the window with some soapy water and a window brush.

Lubricate the moving parts

There are rollers and tracks on your window that help it open and close smoothly. Make sure you keep these moving parts regularly. Use furniture polish or some other suitable lubricant for the parts. Desist from using silicone as it may damage the plastic parts of your windows.

Reinforce the glass

Some materials are especially effective in making your glass stronger. A common option is window tinting. Not only does window tinting block harmful UV rays from getting into your living or working space, but it also serves as a protective layer for your glass so robbers can’t easily smash your window open.

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Your glass windows are an important investment in your home or office. By observing a simple maintenance routine, you can keep them in top shape for a long time.