4 Ways to Attack the (Writer’s) Block

Female writerWriting is not easy. While it can be a lucrative profession, it also takes a lot of strenuous brain work to come up with a “sellable” product.

It’s not just about stringing words together. If it were that easy, all writers would be more concerned with how to calculate royalties from all the books they’ve published as prolific authors.

The most stressful state to be in—as a writer—is the dreaded writer’s block. In some cases, it can be frustrating to realize that you haven’t written anything new for months.

But writer’s block is not an option, especially if you’re a professional writer with deadlines always looming on the horizon. So, what do you do? Here are a few tricks you can try:

Change your scenery. Working at a park or garden could stir your productivity. The air has less chemical, which allows more oxygen to go through your system. This helps your brain reach its peak creativity.

Work in cycles. Your brain can focus for 90-120 minutes at a time before it needs a break. A 30-minute break between 90-minute work cycles could rejuvenate your thought process. What you write while exhausted from a long day’s writing won’t be very useful anyway.

Start with an outline. Outlines are pretty much half of the work done. Once you’ve drafted an outline and can see the structure of your article, the actual “writing” is filling in the blanks. You’ll find yourself breeze through the process when you take the time to outline.

Read something. No, not your social media feed. Read a book or a long-form article. Well-written pieces educate you, making you a more detailed writer in the end. It can also motivate you to write something similar to what you have read.

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