Feel The Spirit Of The Labor Day Weekend In These Places

Fireworks at NightLabor Day is just around the corner, which means you could be busy planning a few days’ trip perhaps to the beach or some trendy city. How about you make it more meaningful – but still fun – by checking out the places that mean something to Labor Day?

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1. Newark, New Jersey

Although some are still debating the father of Labor Day, most agree it is Matthew Maguire. Born in the 1800s, he was a machinist in Paterson, New Jersey, and one of the founders of the Central Labor Union. The organization adopted the Labor Day eventually.

To know more about the story, drop by New Jersey Historical Society Museum, 52 Park Place, Newark New Jersey. The museum is open from Thursday to Saturday between 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

From there, you can drive to Paterson and enjoy hiking at the Great Falls or visiting the 19th-century Lambert Castle.

2. Finger Lakes, New York

Less than two hours away from New Jersey is the city of New York, where the first Labor Day parade happened. The tradition continues on Fifth Avenue. However, there is also a more extravagant show called the West Indian Carnival at Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Either way, NYC is going to be teeming with people, so if you want peace after, you can go to Finger Lakes and tour the wineries of Cayuga Lake or explore the various state parks.

3. Ottawa, Illinois

In one of the corners of Ottawa, Illinois’s Jefferson Street is a memorial for the Radium Girls. Their tragic experience after exposure to radium in their line of work led to a labor law that covered occupational diseases.

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If you cannot get enough of history, you can visit the Lincoln-Douglas Park and the bronze statue of the founder of Boy Scouts of America.

Make your trip more memorable, though, by staying with friends or meeting new ones. Have a happy Labor Day!