Few Things You Can Add To Your Office During Renovation

Office Renovating in PerthWe all like to renovate our homes often. Similarly, it is necessary to renovate office spaces too.  When the business expands, you will need to remodel and add more office workstations.  It is good to not only make space for more employees, but also add other necessary amenities. Extra facilities will make the office more interesting and be a motivating factor for increased productivity.

  • Lounging area

If you do not have a lounging area already, then it is time to have one. This will help employees unwind during breaks. You can make these areas colourful with some interesting activity. Google has a lounge that defies tradition and is a playful and fun area. This will make your staff feel good about working in your company and make them more productive.

  • Sound proof conference rooms

Have a soundproof conference room; this will ensure that your meeting with various employees and clients remains confidential. These can also be used to have your monthly review meetings. Get a projector for your office and a neat wall mounted screen with the latest multimedia equipment.

  • Add other amenities

Have a good canteen, as this will make sure that the employees do not go out to get food during breaks. The canteen should be located in pleasant surroundings away from the workplace.  It is also advisable to add more wash rooms for both men and women. The visitors’ washroom should be separate. Have individual lockers for each of your employees, especially if your business is a production facility. They will be able to keep their personal stuff like mobile phones in them safely.

According to Thecaretakers.com.au, office workstations in Perth should have office partitioning, refurbishments and fitouts, portable screens and workstations to improve the movement and operational flow.

You can also change the furniture, provide for comfortable chairs and good air conditioning. When you renovate the office next time, try to add the above-mentioned features and notice how well they contribute to the productivity of your employees.