Garage Door Maintenance for Every Homeowner

Garage DoorGarage doors are one feature that many homes in Wilmington have. If you have one too, chances are it’s also the biggest moving part of your home. Add this to the frequent use it gets regardless of the weather, time, or other conditions and you have a recipe for wear and tear damage, which could be problematic.

O’Brien Garage Doors and other experts say that there are many garage door repair services available, but before it gets there, it may be best to have some preventative care and maintenance.

Stop, Observe

Listen for creaks or misplaced sounds that your garage door is making. Does it sound like metal scraping against metal whenever your doors open up? Is it as quiet as it’s supposed to be? Don’t just stop there. A quick check for any obvious sign of damage should be done whenever you use your garage door. Finding a problem and solving it right at the root cause would save you more in the long run.


Not all people are good with DIYs and might panic at a simple task like lubrication. This is something you can do in a few minutes, and it will add years to your garage door’s use. If you’re unsure which parts to apply lubricants on, a good rule of thumb is to use it on all moving parts. A quick, easy, and effective way to apply lubrication is to use the spray-types.

Keep it Clean

Finally, making sure that the tracks on your garage doors opening system are in good condition is a great way to prevent problems. Keeping everything clean and clearing anything that might get in its way should be done as often as possible. Clear up debris that might have built up over time and do a quick visual check for any superficial damage.

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Garage door maintenance might sound like a tough job for people with no knack for handiness, but it’s actually not as complicated as you expect. If you’re still in doubt, it doesn’t hurt to contact a professional for help.