Going Digital: Using the Internet for Employee Trainings

Your company wants to expand and upgrade its teaching method for new employees. Why not make it more digital? It may be a new idea to most of your older staff, but it is the newest way of reaching more people. With new equipment and a more streamlined medium, make the orientation more understandable.

The Company

Briefing people about your company and its formation is not mandatory. It’s just a way of letting the newcomers get a feel of how the company came to be. This is also a chance to tell them about the company’s core beliefs, introduce them to the leaders and tell them why they are needed on the team.  Let this part be brief but packed with information.

Required Policy

employeeMost people do not pay attention to the most important things they need in a company — their rights and privileges. The technical aspects of the law can be daunting for the average person, so keep the information in a simplified format, no matter how long the videos or slides are.

People can also be more receptive when you give them short exercises and discussion points to look nick names to call your boyfriend forward to at the end of each major topic. Have coffee breaks if the presentation will take more than an hour.

The Job

Maximise technology for the benefit of everyone. With online training, Velpic.com says you achieve this while reducing company costs and educating employees about their responsibilities without consuming much time.

The elimination of extended physical training standardises the teaching method and removes human bias, where the trainer may favour one person or group. Give time for discussions at the end of the training to ensure everyone is on the same learning level.

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Give people more chances to learn on their own before getting involved in the process to teach them to be independent and self-sufficient. This doesn’t completely remove trainers, but introducing the company tenets, policies and employee requirements through digital means benefits you.