Got a New iPhone? Here are Ways to Keep Your Old One Valuable

A woman using an iPhoneThe iPhone may be 10 years old today, but it continues to be Apple’s main source of revenue, thanks to the demand that the brand has created in the market. Each year, it sees the release of a new model that proves to be better than the previous ones, which, more often than not, are resold still at good prices.

And even if older iPhone models already have issues, some simple repair works from an IT franchise can make the smartphone a good buy once again.

But if you, like a lot of other iPhone owners, would rather keep your old iPhone even after buying Apple’s latest and greatest, you are probably thinking what you could do with it. Check out some of these smart things you could do with an old iPhone.

As a music gadget

Because MP3 players have gone the way of the dinosaurs, and you haven’t seen your iPod in ages, your old iPhone can become your dedicated music player. Stream songs from online services such as Spotify or download music straight to it.

As a personal assistant

Your old iPhone can save you the extra cash by functioning much like the Amazon Echo or Google Home. It can be handy in the kitchen when you need to search for recipes, set timers and reminders, or even answer phone calls. Just say the magic words, “Hey Siri!” and Apple’s virtual assistant is at your disposal.

As a remote control

Should you lose your TV’s remote control, your old iPhone can do its job since there are now cable providers that have apps for the iPhone that makes it function as a remote control. Same thing with the Apple TV with its own remote app.

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As a way to keep an eye on your baby or the home

Yes, your old iPhone can become a baby monitor or a surveillance camera. There are apps that you can install that allow the device to send a live feed of videos it’s recording to your new iPhone, as well as alerts when motion is detected.

So you see, iPhones will remain useful and valuable no matter their age as long as you keep them functional.