Keeping It Safe While Relocating Your Gun Safe

MovingFor many gun owners, a gun safe is an indispensable tool for keeping their firearms secured from theft or unauthorized use. However, when the time to move them to a different location comes, these bulky metal boxes can become as dangerous as what they contain.

So, how do you safely get your safe from one place to another? Here are some useful tips.

Assess the move.

Your biggest consideration here would be the size and weight of the safe you are moving. Small, desktop safes for handguns can be easily moved without any help. On the other hand, if you are contemplating on moving a large one intended for long firearms, it would be better to get professional gun safe moving services in Denver.

Consider as well the location where you will be moving the safe. For larger ones, you will need to move furniture and other stuff out of the way to give the safe more room to maneuver.

Prepare the safe.

As a safety precaution, empty the safe of its contents before the move. Since these are firearms and ammunition, put them in a secure location where they can’t be accessed. Now, inspect to see if it is secured to its support. In most cases, safes are secured using bolts that you can readily dismantle using wrenches. Once you have removed the bolts, keep them in a storage box later.

Move your safe with a hand truck.

No matter how small your safe is, don’t try to lift it with your own arms all the way to the new location, as this can cause injuries. Instead, use a hand truck to ferry it over. Getting someone to assist you in lifting the safe onto the hand truck and guide you in maneuvering it around obstacles or down the stairs is a must.

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If necessary, use a tailgate lift.

Depending on the distance between the old and new location, it would be a good idea to rent a truck that has a tailgate lift. This makes it easier to put the safe onto the truck bed. Lastly, see to it that the safe is properly secured using a durable harness.

Wear the right clothing.

As safes falling onto your feet are some of the most common accidents here, protect yourself by wearing steel-toed shoes. Also, wear thick gloves for your hands. This should go the same for your helpers.

Guns are powerful weapons. Owning a piece is already a responsibility – what more if you have a huge gun safe to care for and protect? Get professional help when moving a gun safe, or follow the above reminders at least.