Mistakes That Easily Cause Plumbing Problems

Plumbing fixing pipe with wrenchYou rely on your plumbing so much without even knowing about it. Among other things, you expect your sink to drain the water, your shower to deliver the right pressure (and for the shower floor to be dry), and for water to be available for your gardening.

But a lot of people do “mistreat” their plumbing system, thinking it’s just another disposal chute. The misconception is what usually causes plumbing problems. If this is the case for you, then you’re likely to call on experienced and licensed plumbers.

Throwing Solids Down the Drain

Most people tend to shove solids down their drains. Garbage disposals can deal with light, easily destructible organic materials. This certainly does not include fruit skins and rinds, coffee grounds, and chicken bones.

In most cases, plumbers only need to free up the blades and empty the drain of any obstructions. But if you usually dump materials that are hard to break down, you may be looking at a bigger repair bill for the garbage disposal.

Using Fixtures as Hangers

Wall mountables are cheap and easy to use. But use brackets, and not the shower head, to hang them. Wall mounted bathroom cabinets may hold too many items at one time, putting too much pressure on your bathroom fixture. And this could lead to breakage.

While many of these small/smart bathroom solutions openly suggest using your fixtures as hangers, find a suitable area to safely mount these racks.

Flushing Household Items

Your toilet is good of getting rid of things. But none of them include items around the house. As small as some of these items are, there’s still a good chance it will get stuck in the pipes.

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Backflow is one hell of a problem, so always look for a trash can when disposing of household items.

Poor DIY Jobs

Some plumbers say that it doesn’t take much effort to tighten the faucet handle, to connect tubes, or to put fixtures back together. It doesn’t—to plumbers. Homeowners have only guide videos for reference, plumbers have the training and experience.

Here’s a rhyme to help you remember: If a problem is stronger than an auger, call a plumber.

When it comes to plumbing, either you know how to fix it or you contact someone who does. It’s the best way to avoid plumbing problems, and no amount of advice can change that.