Stone Choices: Headstone Materials

Headstone in a cemetery with one red tulipA headstone marks the Bountiful gravesite of your loved one, but beyond that, Lindquist Mortuaries and Cemeteries notes that it also serves as a memorial to the life your loved one lived.

Naturally, you will want your loved one’s headstone to last for decades and decades, even when you have grown old and you will want a headstone that looks beautiful.

To get such a headstone, you have to choose between different types of stone. You can take a look at the list below to choose.

Fragile Marble

Most headstones today come from one of the big three materials of marble, slate, or granite. Marble tends to come in black or white, and can easily be finished for a smooth look and feel. Unfortunately, marble can easily crack, especially when wet.

Colorful Granite

Granite, on the other hand, comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Granite also comes at low prices given its availability. As to durability, granite can also last for years. You will find many new headstones made out of granite.

Water-Vulnerable Sandstone

Sandstone shares the same durability as granite, but the two can break apart because of physical weathering. Water can particularly enter sandstone cracks, and when the water freezes, it breaks the rock apart. Slate has the same vulnerability.

Long-Lasting Bronze

For a truly durable headstone, you can use bronze. Bronze has become popular in recent years since metal can last longer than stone. Bronze headstones come at premium prices, however, and their color can darken after a few years.

Ageless Quartzite

Other than bronze, you can go with quartzite. Quartzite contains quartz, a mineral highly resistant to chemical weathering. The composition of quartzite also makes the stone highly resistant to physical weathering. With these two properties, you finally have a headstone that will last until your old age.

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Of course, you can still choose granite, marble, or a different rock other than quartzite. Find out what you truly want for the headstone of your loved one, and you can easily choose the stone material.