The Need for the Recruiting Middleman

Recruitment Agency in HinsdaleThe job market is always in a state of flux, mostly because it’s subject to a host of different factors that no one can control. It also doesn’t help that – ideally – people spend as little time shopping for work as possible. This leaves them vulnerable to being caught flat-footed as soon as they step back into the job hunt after years of not minding it.

This is the kind of situation where recruitment agencies step in to take all the uncertainty of a job search away from both the employees and employers. The biggest benefit of having such agencies has proven to be the fact that they have their fingers constantly on the pulse of the job market. But even then, agencies don’t get the respect they deserve.

Recruiters are Middlemen

The phrase “recruiters are just middlemen” is a common derisive phrase that comes from both companies and job hunters. The idea is that these agencies are essentially fluff companies that make money off of a process that both ends of the spectrum can do for themselves.

This is wrong, not just because of the arguments already stated, but also because of the fact that not every employee can competently look for a job by themselves. Vocamotive, for example, is a recruitment agency that helps people fill out their applications effectively and get a job that suits their skills.

Looking for a job is as much about people selling their skills as it is about getting upward movement and compensation. Agencies can coach their candidates on the best way to put the best foot forward, which is information they might not have gotten otherwise.

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Recruiters are Survivors

The push-back against recruiters has come from almost every quarter in the last few years, with some negative sentiments coming from influential sources. Many of them even thought that the recruitment agency business model was well on its ways out the door.

The trend of companies beefing up their internal human resources, the rise of social media channels like LinkedIn, as well as a bunch of other things were talked up as the death of the agency model. But, recruiters still exist today, and are even using the channels that were supposed to kill them to grow even stronger.

Recruitment agencies are here to stay, if current trends will be any indicator, and people will be better off with them around.