Planning a Wedding as Beautiful as Princess Diana’s

a merry bride spinning around in joyWith the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, everyone is looking back at the life the princess had led. Many remember her for her wedding with Prince Charles, an event that hundreds of millions watched in person or through the live telecast. Who wouldn’t want to have a wedding as iconic as Princess Di’s?

You may not have the same amount of money to spare, and you may not be marrying an actual prince, but you can still make that fairy tale wedding happen in St. Paul, Minnesota. Here are some wedding elements to get on point:

The Right Theme

A wedding can be as magical as any storybook wedding you’ve ever read, or it can be like a page from Harry Potter. A classic choice is a barn wedding, but many want the delicate look that a garden wedding provides.

A traditional church wedding in St. Paul, MN would be iconic if you chose the right church, and a beach wedding with wedding rentals taking care of the tents to set up for the guests would look beautiful come sunset. You have many options, each of them thrilling and romantic in their own right. Choose the one that defines you the most, or the one that you’ve been dreaming of since you first thought of getting married.

The Right Dress

One of the most remembered parts of Princess Diana’s wedding is her wedding dress, a delicate creation with a train that people thought would never end. Though you may want a more economical version, the right cut to accentuate your features should be just as beautiful.

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Don’t forget the flowers. Your wedding bouquet — or a wristlet if you’re ready to be less traditional — should complement your outfit.

The Right Scent

Your guests won’t see it. They probably won’t even smell it unless they were close to you — and they won’t be until the reception. But wearing your favorite scent helps keep you in a good mood. Even Princess Diana knew the importance of wearing her favorite scent on her wedding, even though she reportedly spilt the contents of the perfume bottle on her immaculate dress. But hey, even if that happens to you, you’d just smell even more amazing.

Your St. Paul wedding may not be happening in the same cathedral Princess Diana said her vows in, but you can make it just as magical with the right elements. Have fun planning.