Maximize Local Advertising Opportunities Using Vehicle Wraps

Car branding specialist puts logo with car wrapping foilFrom simple flyers and leaflets to signage and tarpaulins, and now online digital marketing. Truly, advertising has become a lot easier nowadays. Yet another way to best promote your business locally in the Salt Lake City area is through vehicle wraps, also known as wrap advertising.

As the name suggests, the main canvass for this type of marketing advertisement will be your company vehicle. Bigger companies usually have the entire delivery fleet wrapped with ads while smaller businesses can opt for cheaper wrap advertising options.

Here are the two types of vehicle wrap advertising solutions.

Full Vehicle Ad Wrap

Wrap advertising practice has become a common sight especially on food trucks, company vehicles, and delivery trucks, as companies want to grab local advertising opportunity and name recall. And since this form of advertisement is long-term, bigger companies tend to spend more on installing full vehicle ad wraps as one-time advertising investment.

As the name implies, a full ad wrap covers the entire vehicle from all visible sides. It can hide the actual color of the car with a printed design such as company logos, products and services, and other details including the full campaign message and visual aids – all the usual information found in a typical advertisement.

Partial Ad Wrap

A partial vehicle ad wrap package also uses the same high-quality material as that of a full ad wrap. A great partial ad wrap installation projects the illusion of a full ad wrap but, truth be told, it only covers between 25 and 75 percent of the vehicle.

Unlike full ad wraps which hide the color of the vehicle, the background color used on partial ad wrap usually blends with the vehicle’s color, thus, the projection of a full ad wrap. The partial ad wraps typically contain the name and logo of the business with the company motto or some call-to-action.

Clearly, the objective of vehicle wraps is to help small businesses to get the same advertising opportunity but for less money. They are here to help you reach out to your target market.