Boosting Sales Using Cardboard Dump Bins

For Sale Signs HangingStores having clearance sales or offering discounted items often use signs to attract a customer’s attention. Signs are placed inside and outside the store to raise awareness of the discounted items.

The placement of the product on offer is crucial. Often, the discounted items are located near the entrance so that customers immediately see them once they enter the store. If a customer where to go inside a store and have difficulty finding the sale items, he or she may lose interest and leave. Alternatively, if the bargains are kept at the back of the store, a shopper will walk past other items for sale and may see something else to buy. Because the positioning of sale items is so important, cardboard dump bins are one of the most versatile shop display units available.

Advantages of Cardboard Dump Bins

Cardboard dump bins are an excellent choice for displaying fast selling items during stock clearance and product launches. They are easy to move, since cardboard is a lightweight material, so you can make sure the products are in areas with high foot traffic. Dump bins are also a space-saving shop display since many products can be stacked in a freestanding position. Besides its space-saving features, a cardboard dump bin is easily reusable and recyclable.

Boosting Sales and Brand Recognition

Designing a cardboard dump bin with vivid, eye-catching designs ensures that your store’s products stand out among other brands and helps encourage impulse buying. Eye-catching, colourful dump bins, with snappy text and strategically located are a strong tool to convince a potential customer to buy.

Cardboard dump bins are a low-cost and versatile way of selling products. With careful consideration on the type of product and who it is targetted towards, the design can be customised to suit the sales pitch and maximise appeal.

Mobile Video is All the Rage: How is Your Strategy Holding Up?

Mobile Video Marketing Concept

Mobile Video Marketing ConceptIn the constantly evolving world of video marketing, even the savviest marketers struggle to keep up. The struggle to come up with new video strategies, however, is worth it as setting stories and content in motion can open up exciting opportunities for your brands.

Videos offer an unparalleled ability to go viral and enhance brand awareness and recall, which can directly affect sales. A survey conducted by WireBuzz, meanwhile, revealed that almost one-third of marketers say a lack of an effective video marketing strategy hampered them from seeing more return on investment (ROI).

Amidst the technological arms race, how then do noteworthy companies like Ahsante Labs create engaging and memorable video strategies?

Invest in New Technology

Savvy marketers maximize new technology by creating compelling videos. They take advantage of new strategies, such as 360-degree videos and virtual reality, to get more views and inspire customers. A study revealed that newer video formats could outperform traditional ones in terms of views, completion, click-through rates, and cost per impression. Despite the same content, copy and ad spend, 360 videos had twice as many viewers compared to conventional videos.

Be in the Moment

According to Facebook, people spend thrice as long watching Facebook Live videos versus conventional recorded video. For this reason, the company updated its algorithm to prioritize live videos in terms of ranking on the News Feed. This helped brands increase their level of organic reach.

Facebook live also offers an opportunity for consumers to engage with your brand, real time. This feature makes such video format significantly more attractive to younger audiences and Millennials.

With the advantages offered by video marketing strategies, forward-thinking brands, such as McDonald’s, Audi, and Marriott Hotel, leverage newer video formats like virtual reality and Facebook live to get their message across. You can do the same with your company by coming up with interesting video content and setting it in motion.