Analysis Shows Mixed Growth of Ventura Capital for Australian Startups

A business meetingVenture capital investors poured more money into Australian startups in 2017, when investments rose 1.4 percent year over year to more than $555 million, according to a KPMG analysis.

However, the Venture Pulse showed that the number of venture capital transactions had dropped 27 percent in the same comparable period. For companies that want to expand, seeking a business broker for franchise opportunities could be an alternative plan.

Quarterly and Yearly Increase

KPMG said that startup enterprises in the country sealed 17 investment deals worth $121.55 million in the fourth quarter of 2017. These included IR Exchange’s $30 million contract, a more than $25 million investment in Airtasker and Spaceship’s almost $20 million transaction.

For the entire year, the number of venture capital deals slid from 185 in 2016 to 135, according to the analysis. Still, the increase in ventural capital funding indicates that investment in new companies has matured in recent years, according to Amanda Price, Head of KPMG High Growth Ventures.

She expects that the fewer number of deals represent a “temporary shift” instead of a “major structural change,” as venture capital still plays an important role in the startup segment.

Attractive Sectors

Price said that the healthtech, biotech and autotech comprise some of the most popular investment destinations for venture capital firms in 2018. As long as innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence are applicable, the startups in these sectors will continue to attract investors, she added.

Aside from angel investors, startups may pursue crowdfunding initiatives to raise equity due to the decline in seed funding, according to FinTech Australia CEO Danielle Szetho. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission recently granted a licence to first seven crowdfunding companies in the country.


Startups now have more options to secure funding compared to previous years. How do you intend to fund your company’s expansion plan?

Management Practices that Improve Flow and Customer Experience

Asset Management staff working

Asset Management staff workingReturns affect not only the retailers but also goods manufacturers. It’s important to implement a method that focuses on the seamless management of returns, decreases costs, supports customer experience, and improves brand perception.

 Since the dawn of e-commerce, retailers and manufacturers have tried to prepare for the increased flow of returned goods. However, one can view it as a source of revenue and innovation rather than just a cost of business. Experts at share the best practices for returns management process and how you can achieve your store’s objectives.

Streamlined RTV Agreements

Returned products can have a significant operational and financial impact, so creating a streamlined process for managing both retail and manufacturer returns is crucial. In every retailer-vendor relationship, Return-to-Vendor (RTV) agreements play a key role in how both parties will handle returned inventory and settle disputes.

Parties can decide whether the returns should be processed through stores or sent directly to the manufacturer. Stores can also use an RTV software to identify unused inventory and send them directly to vendors immediately. Ultimately, an effective agreement reduces touches on returns in both handling and transit so that employees can have more time for customers and stock products.

Optimized Multichannel Retail Experience

Returns can be redirected and turned into customer and margin growth opportunities. One way is to apply a multichannel approach to your e-commerce and secondary markets through the help of the right reverse supply chain partner. Employees will be able to put more effort into sales and support for customers. With this, you can deliver value to your clients as well as increase their online shopping experience.>

Break away from traditional practices that can drag return processes to no end. With new technologies and strategies, you’ll be able to transform the supply chain and seize opportunities for revenue growth.

Things to Remember when Running a Hotel

Family checking in hotel

Family checking in hotelHotel management is not just about opening up rooms and marking them as occupied. It’s also about ensuring that each room has all the necessities for your guest, and going the extra mile to give them a comfortable stay.

There are some things you might forget because you focus on the bigger items. Here are some examples:


While you can go with the least expensive brand of hotel shampoo and conditioner, your guests will not be pleased with these regular items. They want something a bit more lavish–or at least something that smells better. You should also not forget to contact your supplier of wholesale tissue paper. This is an essential for all rooms. If you run out of toilet paper and have to apologise to guests, they will think you don’t know how to run a hotel.


The whole idea behind a hotel is that guests are paying for their stay in a room with a comfortable bed. That means choosing not only a sturdy bed but also fitting it with high-quality sheets. The pillows should be fluffed up, and there should be a blanket ready for use. All of these should look and smell clean, and there should be no visible stains. One of your business contacts should be a professional cleaning company to keep linens in their best condition.


You can have the best linens and curtains, with the mini refrigerator stocked and the toiletries all lined up, but the room could still be problematic. If you don’t clean the walls thoroughly, they will smell bad due to the various odours they absorb through the years. Each room should be aired and deep-cleaned regularly to provide the best possible stay for your customers.

Even small details matter when you’re in the hospitality industry. Don’t just offer your guests a room to stay; give them the quality they deserve and expect.

How Can You Tell if a Material Contains Asbestos?

Asbestos signAsbestos, a naturally occurring mineral commonly found in rocks and soil, is extremely hazardous if its fine fibres are released into the air. Any material that contains asbestos, therefore, must be handled with care to avert severe chronic health issues. But how can you identify if an item contains asbestos?

Asbestos-containing materials

Asbestos is durable and resistant to heat. With these qualities, asbestos may be found in fire retardants and insulation materials. Other manufactured goods that may contain asbestos include building materials such as tiles and shingles, friction products like vehicle clutch and brake parts, and heat-resistant coating and fabrics.

You can’t identify asbestos by sight

Asbestos-containing materials are difficult to identify. Unless a product has an asbestos label, you can’t tell whether it contains the hazardous fibres just by looking at it. Whenever you are unsure, treat the material in question as if it has asbestos. Leave it intact and call an asbestos removal expert in Perth, WA.

An inspection to identify unlabeled asbestos

Consult a trained and experienced asbestos expert if you suspect there may be asbestos-containing materials in your home. You should also have the home inspected if you’re planning to remodel it or it has damaged building materials. If such materials are disturbed or deteriorated, they can release asbestos into the air. Disturbance and damage may happen during product use, or building, demolition, repair or remodelling projects.

How asbestos inspectors work

Asbestos professionals inspect a home and assess its conditions. They then take samples of the suspected materials for testing. If there is asbestos, the inspectors will advise on the best corrective measures. To protect your family from asbestos exposure, have your home inspected by an experienced asbestos removal expert.

3 Tips on How to Sell Your Home Fast at a Good Price

for sale sign at luxury houseThanks to the Beehive State’s thriving real estate industry, many Utahns have fallen in love with the idea of selling their house. The sale process can be time-consuming, though, because your home isn’t the only one for sale. Moreover, buyer preferences can vary greatly. If you want to turn your property into cash fast, and other experts say that you have to be strategic with your approach.

To get your home sold in no time and receive your desired asking price, use these smart tips:

Target Flippers

A good way to expedite the home sale is to offer your property to flippers. They’re investors who are willing to pay “as is.” Unlike other buyers who are looking for a home to live in, flippers want to renovate old properties their way to make them attractive real estate pieces. If you’re putting a fixer-upper on the market, targeting flippers spare you the ordeal of home repair.

Put Your Home’s Best Face Forward

Curb appeal isn’t a myth like what you’re told. Real estate experts would tell you that properties that look beautiful from the street get sold faster than those that are less pretty. In fact, most buyers focus more on exterior shots than interior shots in listing sites. Investing a little in sweat equity can go a long way. Pressure-washing your siding and hardscaping or applying a fresh coat of paint to walls is a small expense to increase your home’s value by thousands.

Throw In Service Plans

Studies show that properties that come with service plans, such as roofing and window warranties, spend less time on the market than those with none. Instead of offering just your home to the buyer, make the deal sweeter by adding transferable guarantees to the mix. They give potential buyers some peace of mind, knowing that they have protection against defects in building materials.

Selling properties is an art as much as it is a science. With the right mindset, you can make your home the most attractive piece of real estate in your neighborhood.

How to Have a Stress-Free Business Travel Without Really Trying

a passport and visaBusiness travel is usually a necessity for many executives. Unfortunately, it can be a hassle in many cases. There are factors you cannot control, such as poor weather and flight delays. However, you can do a few other things to make your travel stress-free and enjoyable.

Here are some tips to help you.

Get ready for security checks

If you are traveling out of the country, familiarize yourself with the security restrictions of the host country. Keep the electronic devices where you can remove them with ease when you get at the security checks. Also, ensure that your travel documents are valid and updated for a smooth entry to the host country.

Allow yourself some extra time

Allow for extra time between flights, riding a taxicab to your hotel room and freshen up before going to your meeting. Delays do happen and may cause you to lose that business opportunity. It is good to travel a day before the meeting.

A little luxury and relaxation serves you well

Travel in comfort and luxury. Here is an example; When you visit Washington DC, book a cozy hotel with pretty much all the amenities you would need. Hire a luxurious airport taxi service in Dulles going to your hotel.

Take some time to sample the attractions and cuisines around the city. It is relaxing and gets you in good form for your next meetings.

Carry backups

Do not rely so much on your laptop or phone. Carry both hard copies and soft backups of your information. You can also save a copy in your email. You will have plenty of sources should your devices fail.

Business travel can be a lot easier if you plan on it and get prepared for any eventualities. Get some time to have fun and learn about life in your destination. This way, you will accomplish your goals and enjoy the trip.

Attract More Customers to Stay in Your Hotel with These 3 Tips

a couple checking in at a hotelCompetition in the hospitality industry nowadays is tough. Accommodations are everywhere, and travelers often find it difficult to choose which one deserves to be booked.

If you’re running a hotel in Utah and want to be noticed, you have to go beyond your current efforts so you can achieve a high rating and attract more customers.

Offering the best customer service 24/7 is vital. Upgrading your facilities and providing complete amenities are also crucial. Apart from these, here are three more tips that you must not neglect:

Cleanliness as a priority

One of the aspects you have to prioritize when running a hotel is cleanliness. Professional cleaning services in Utah can help you achieve your goals when it comes to hygiene and sanitation.

When the floors are spotless, the hallways are bright, and everything smells fresh, you’ll leave a good impression on your customers. Remember, it’s not about being an old or new establishment; it’s about keeping the hotel environment inviting and healthy.

A happy staff does wonders

Your hotel staff is the reason why your business continues to run, so take time to give monetary rewards, free food or even an extra day off. It will mean a lot to your staff if you show kindness and compassion and see them as more than just colleagues. This form of appreciation will also help them perform well, which ultimately leads to success and profit.

Up the ante in your marketing strategy

Discounts, free stays or contests are surefire ways to attract customers. Take advantage of various social media channels for promotion. Don’t forget to boost your website as well by ensuring that photos are attractive and content is comprehensible.

If you need to reward your most loyal customers, do it. Treating your frequent guests like VIPs will surely bring them back and make them spread the word about your business.

Top Reasons For Hiring a Quality Limousine Service

Handsome male chauffeur in a limousineThere are some occasions in your life that may require you to make a great impression. You could be looking to impress a loved one or make a lasting positive impression on a business client. Hiring a quality limousine service is one way to make such important statements in your life.

Some people may argue that luxurious limousine services are unnecessary. However, there are some important occasions in your life where a touch of glamor can help you grab everyone’s attention. rounds up some of the top reasons for hiring a quality and professional limousine service:

A Reliable Mode of Transportation

A quality limousine service thrives on professionalism. If you have to meet an important deadline or close a big deal, it may be a wise decision to invest in a quality ride that is more likely to take you to your destination quickly and comfortably. Any credible limousine company will ensure timeliness and quality of service.

A Hassle-free Trip

If you are looking for a hassle-free trip, you should consider hiring an affordable limousine service. Limo companies hire professional drivers who go the extra mile to ensure that you enjoy a safe and trouble-free experience. You can use the free time to sit back and relax or to take a final look at your presentation.

A Strong Statement

You can hire a limo service to make a powerful statement in your business or personal circles. It could be an important business meeting or a romantic date. No matter what the special occasion, there is always a good reason to rent a limo.

It may not be necessary to hire a limo service for just about any occasion. But there can be important milestones in your life where it makes sense to spend a little extra on luxury and comfort.

5 Must Ask Questions for Your Concrete Repair Contractor

Construction inspector observing current projectYou have some concrete work to do. Whether it’s a new construction or repair job, you know how crucial it is to have it done by a highly experienced contractor. The challenge, however, is finding the right contractor from the large pool of construction companies out there.

It is important to have a series of questions prepared, as these will help you make a good decision. Here are some of them:

Do you have insurance?

Before signing the contract, ask the concrete company if they are fully insured. This will ensure that you are covered against any damages to your property in the course of their work. It will also exempt you from being liable for the medical bills should an accident happens in your premises.

Can I get a list of references?

Ask the company for a list of their previous clients, as well as photos of their previous work. Contact some of the former clients and ask for their reviews and recommendations. Check their level of satisfaction and whether their expectations were met. Inspect the finished work if possible.

It is important to concentrate on reviewing the type of work you are interested in. For example, if you need a concrete driveway repair service for your home in Kansas City, review similar jobs done by the contractor. This information will help you assess the contractor’s reputation and the quality of work to expect.

Where is your physical address?

Any professional concrete contractor should have a physical location. This shows professionalism and is a sign of legitimacy. Be wary of contractors who tell you that they operate only via online platforms. It’s ideal to arrange a visit to their office for an initial consultation.

Do you offer a warranty?

A reputable contractor will offer you a warranty, at least for a year. If a company doesn’t provide any warranty, move on to the next contractor. Be sure to check the clauses in the warranty to determine what is covered and what is not.

Do you subcontract?

Find out if your prospective concrete company subcontracts. Some companies may have limited resources and to make up for this, they hire another firm or expert to handle some tasks. The sad thing about subcontracting is that it can end up hurting your budget and compromising your project. It will also take more time to finish the work. If possible, hire a contractor who can do all the work.

Finding a reputable and a trustworthy contractor can be a challenge. But with the help of the above questions, you will be able to find the one in no time.

The Features of Effective Business Promotional Products

Promotional tumblersUsing business promotional products has been, for decades and decades, ways that companies increased sales through brand recognition and customer engagement. That further helped these companies raise their profit margins against their competitors in the same industry thanks to the advantage of brand awareness among potential clients that convert into repeat customers.

However, it is not just slapping your company name and logo onto a promotional product that does the trick. It is how well you design the promotional item and how it is relevant to your target market and in enforcing your brand that matters.

That is where most people fail to get it right. The following will highlight more on three features you should never ignore when planning for your next promotional items.

Having the Right Design

Thanks to the development of more advanced graphic design tools, you can have the company that is designing your business and promotional products to improve aesthetics immensely.

Enforcing Your Brand

While holding all other factors constant, it is imperative that, whatever promotional item you choose to use, it represents your brand. It is best if your brand image has high retention power in the mind of your customers for your promotional products to convert.

Relevance to Your Target Market

Just as with any other product you are offering, your customers will only appreciate as much of your promotional items as they will find them relevant to their needs. If they cannot use or find pleasure in keeping the promotional product, then it lacks its usefulness in marketing your brand.

Therefore, engage your team to know what exactly about your products and services your customers gravitate towards so that you integrate that into the designing of your promotional items.

Take time to consider the above qualities when planning for your business promotional products. It is advisable that you also work with a global premier promotional merchandise company should you need further assistance in making your promotional items more relevant.