5 Key Areas for Strata Cleaning Sydney

Two cleaners smilingStrata cleaning and maintenance is not as easy as it sounds. Most buildings will have large areas that fall under common use. Failure to maintain common areas can have legal consequences. Some owners’ corporations keep these tasks in-house, while others find it more cost-effective to hire professional cleaners for strata cleaning in Sydney. Whatever you choose for your strata, you have to make sure you cover five key areas.

Hallways and lobbies

Any strata complex will have hallways and lobbies. Because everyone goes through the lobby and hallways to get to their units, they are often the areas that need the most frequent cleaning and maintenance. This is not only to keep it clean but also to ensure the safety of the unit owners and their visitors.


Lifts need particular attention because they are small, enclosed spaces that many people use on a daily basis. Germs can spread quite easily. Anyone with a nasty cold can infect the whole building by sneezing or touching the buttons. Cleaning all the lifts every day is essential for keeping any germs from spreading.


Another area that gets a lot of use is the stairways. Many people pound up and down them, and not everyone is careful about reporting any mess they may have made.  It is particularly important to keep them free from spills because a slippery stairway is likely to result in falls and serious injuries. Wiping down stair rails also help keep germs from spreading.


Lawns make any property more desirable, but only if it receives proper maintenance. Nothing looks worse than an overgrown or leaf-strewn lawn fronting a building. You should make every effort to keep the grass trimmed and plants healthy.


Common areas include the outdoors as well, and driveways get a lot of use. These need regularly sweeping and hosing down to get rid of dirt, debris, and mud to protect the vehicles of unit owners from damage. This is especially true after any construction work in the area. Stray screws, nails, and other scrap materials can do serious damage to tyres.

Strata cleaning are essential for keeping the property looking nice and comfortable. Make sure any maintenance schedule you have for common areas include these five key areas.

Ways to Store and Clean Steel and Iron

A stack of steel pipesThere are certain ways to clean steels and irons, and you just have to use the best methods to maintain their quality. Aside from cleaning, they should also be properly stored, especially those that are ductile or malleable or those produced as sheets. Here are some ways that could guide you to better-quality materials for consequently better outcomes on your construction projects.

Avoid dents and scratches by proper storage

There are different types of materials. Some are malleable, ductile, and thin while others are strong, heavy, and hard. You should store these properly to avoid dents, scratches and even accidents that might happen inside the storage room. You could pile the hard ones, considering that the bottom ones could handle the weight of the others. Flat rolled steel sheets in storage avoid scratches. You could also maximize space if you roll steel sheets. Thin steels are often secured in boxes to avoid deformation.

Always secure the surface

No one wants scratches on a steel sheet. Smoothness is basically one of the best qualities of any material, so avoid scratches by simply placing sheets of paper to protect vulnerable surfaces.

Always wear clean gloves

It isn’t only scratches we want to avoid. We also don’t want visible fingerprints on metal surfaces especially. The solution is simple — just use clean cloth gloves when handling them. You want the materials to look as new as possible.

Don’t wipe the surface with oily rags

The oil and grease can leave marks on the surface of the steel. It is not ideal to clean them with oil. Instead, water will do. Just remember to wipe it carefully with soft, clean, dry cloth before storage.

While in storage, do routine cleaning

You can use some solutions to clean steels and irons. You could also use powders, but they are grainy and can cause scratches if not used properly. After cleaning them with a cleaning solution or powder, rinse them right away with water. After washing, make sure it is completely dry before storing it again.

In caring for steel or any material, you should practice caution. Be mindful of how you handle and store them.