The 4 Best Tips to Prevent Scandals in Your Company

smiling employeesFew things are as detrimental to your career growth as corporate scandals. They can severely dent your public image besides causing your company massive losses.

What begins as one or two poor decisions from one person can quickly become a massive scandal, destroying everything you’ve struggled so long to achieve. Here are four ways to prevent that from happening.

1. Fine tune your hiring process

The best way to prevent fraud in your company is to make sure that every member of your team has integrity. This begins with your hiring process.

Are you doing your best to make sure that every employee you are absorbing has a clean employment history? As the first step in pre-screening, you could confirm that with online police check portals, which agencies such as Northern Territory (NT) Government are using.

2. Reward honest practices

It is one thing to encourage honesty, but quite another to reward it. You might have an incredible statement of values that promotes honest practices, but if you reward your salespeople based on figures alone, you are missing the point.

That’s because they might be employing dishonest ways to get sales. All bonuses must focus on upstanding behaviour, not just figures.

3. Overhaul the culture

If you realise that a dishonest culture has taken root in the organisation, removing it will be an uphill task. Still, it has to be done.

Find ways to have honest employees speak up against any wrongful activities they notice. You might also need to fire perpetrators of fraud in the company and bring a fresh team of individuals with high moral compasses.

4. Conduct periodic audits

If you want to motivate your staff to be honest, conduct both internal and external audits regularly. This discourages anyone from being tempted to take opportunities to make extra money in dirty ways.

While no business is immune to scandal, it doesn’t mean you’re powerless to do something about it. By implementing the right protocols in your company, you can protect your business against malicious employees.