Meeting with a Public Adjuster? Here’s What You Need to Bring

Wrecked homeWhen a disaster damages your property, it’s a good idea to get the assistance of public adjusters, especially when you’re planning to file an insurance claim. United States Adjusters shares that they can help you get the fair amount you deserve from your insurance company for your damaged property.

Before you meet with a public adjuster, however, you’ll need to prepare and provide certain paperwork. So, make sure you have the following documents ready to help you obtain a fair settlement and make it much easier for the public adjuster to do his or her job.

Your Insurance Policy

A copy of your latest, relevant, and complete insurance policy is one of the most important documents you need to provide to your public adjuster. Your adjuster will use these documents to obtain the largest settlement possible. Thus, they need to know the insurance’s specific terms and conditions before they can perform effective negotiations on your behalf.

Communications from Your Insurance Provider

If you just went through a major disaster, your insurance company will eventually hear about it. They’ll likely start giving you an offer and persuade you to agree to their terms. You should, in most cases, forward what they said to your public adjuster as soon as possible. Your adjuster can inform you on the difference in the amount you can obtain if he or she finds that your insurance provider is undervaluing the damage to your property.

Proofs of Value

Most insurance policies stipulate that you need to prove a loss before you can request a reimbursement. Thus, being able to demonstrate the value of any possessions you own is vital. Make sure to document your personal property, including jewelry, electronics, appliances, furniture, and anything else of notable value. Keeping receipts and having your possessions appraised by a professional can certainly help.

Bring your latest insurance policy, documented communications with your insurance provider, and proofs of value before meeting your public adjuster. Before you hand over these documents to your public adjuster, remember to ask for his or her credentials. Checking the credentials will help you avoid fraud and ensure you get the settlement you deserve.