Here’s Why You Need to Rethink Your School Choices

International School in Dubai

International School in DubaiRiding on world-class innovations, technology and the internet, globalisation is rapidly turning the world into a global village. Sweeping changes in all sectors of life only serve to give merit to the notion that change is the only constant.

As such, adapting to the changes is the only way to remain competitive and relevant in a highly versatile environment. Information is the biggest driver of the revolution and as such, change favours people with the exceptional ability to process knowledge.

Get it right from the get go

Capacity to process information, to analyse facts, to uncover the underlying cause and effects hinges on scholarly ability. Attending exceptional schools, such as the IB school in Dubai, hones your child’s ability to handle information. It educates students with a solid academic footing, demystifies the learning process and instils a lifelong learning culture.

Educational relevance

The regular schools stick to the now obsolete curriculum, failing to consider the importance of the subject to the current job markets and careers. Not so, with the modern schooling systems designed to create a renaissance student. International schools observe the current need on the market and build their school curriculum around these requirements. As such, the students do not just amass theoretical concepts, but also hone revenant skills that are in high demand.

Nurturing talent

The traditional approach to learning entails a blanket curriculum that does not take a child’s interest and abilities into consideration. It only enhances the academic life of the students instead of fostering wholesome child development. As a result, the systems ignore the unique skills and talents of the children by forcing them to pursue subjects that hold no interest to them. Therefore, the learning process is tedious, lethargic and only serves to drive up disdain among the learners.

With the right approach, learning is a highly rewarding exercise that creates future entrepreneurs, world and thought leaders to steer the world in the right direction.

Although the current education systems in schools have been effective in the past, they need a constant overhaul to remain relevant in today’s world. The article delves into the shortcoming so the traditional mode of instructions.

Online Ads to Take Over Half of Ad Spend in Australia & Globally


InternetThe Internet remains the fastest growing channel for advertising around the world, and by 2020, you can expect it will overtake traditional television, this according to a new report.

Internet Over TV

PPC management, social media marketing, and other digital marketing services will be more crucial in a company’s online success as the Internet is set to close the gap with television ads by 2017, and surpass it come 2020.

The report from ZenithOptimedia shows that the Internet already dominates ad spend in Australia, Canada, Denmark, the UK, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden. By 2017, China, Germany, New Zealand, Finland, and Ireland will join the list. Together, the 12 countries account for 28% of worldwide ad spends across all mediums.

Unsurprisingly, mobile is the main channel driving the Internet’s growing market share. Industry experts expect mobile to grow from its current global ad spend share of 5.1% to 12.9% by 2017. Social media has a growth rate of 25% per year and pay per click advertising at 12% per year.

The increasing use of Internet devices, particularly mobile, gives advertisers and businesses new opportunities to connect with and get to know consumers, and to do so more effectively.

Internet Advertising: Taking Over in the Land Down Under

Another report says Internet advertising (in all its form) will account for 51% of Australia’s ad spend by 2019. Consulting firm PwC’s annual Australia Entertainment and Media Outlook reportpredicts the ad market will grow at a compound rate of 4.8% per year between 2014 and 2019. TV ads will decline to 24% from 30% over the same period.

Search will continue to dominate online advertising, but social media, paid search, and video are also expected to climb in the coming years.

For businesses and organisations, these are important data for developing your digital advertising strategies. Continue to improve your social media marketing and paid search efforts, for example, and these are likely to pay off soon.