Getting Noticed: 3 Tactics to Help Build Your Brand

Marketing missing puzzle piece

Marketing missing puzzle pieceYou might have something new and fresh to offer, but without proper marketing efforts, it is unlikely to catch anyone’s attention. That is why it pays to invest and work on an effective brand awareness scheme so that your product would standout. Ensuring the visibility of your own brand could do many things, including public recognition. If you are looking for techniques to build up your own name, here are some recommendations:

Use the World Wide Web

Nowadays, businesses and organisations are becoming prominent online. This is because the Internet has provided a convenient gateway to people whenever they need to look for things they need. If you want to keep up with these changes, you must learn how to adapt to it. One good way to get on with the flow is investing in a digital marketing service. This would allow you to be more visible online as well as get people to see what you offer.

Let Them See You Publicly

Sponsor a public or charity event and take that opportunity to display your name where everyone could see it. The public will likely remember your brand name if you display it prominently on banners, shirts, and other types of promotional products in London you could think of. This would also make you look good to potential customers, as they would see you as an organisation who is highly involved in different advocacies and support groups.

The Power of Traditional Marketing

At this technology-advanced world progresses, there is a great decline in the role of print media. Gone are the days where people look at classified ads page when searching for something. Instead, they turn to the Internet.

That does not mean that the effectiveness and power of traditional media have also declined, though. In fact, if you look into it, they provide the same influence as the digital, which is why it still pays to invest in them. The use of billboards and commercial ads on television, radio, and magazine could still influence a consumer on their decisions. Make sure you do not totally give up on these type of medium.

For your brand to receive recognition, you need to work hard for it. Investing and following these methods would allow you to do that, but make sure you do not stop on trying something new to remain relevant to your target audience.

Marketing Your Property for a Fast Sale

Land for sale signIt’s easy to put up a sign that says your house is for sale. How long that sign will stay up, however, depends on the effort you exert in marketing the property and highlighting its good aspects.

This may be the first time you’re selling a house or it could be part of your string of real estate investments, but you still need to tick the following boxes:

Get Professional Help

When it comes to advertising when selling a property, Prestige Real Estate International LTD says that no one does it better than premier real estate agencies around your area. In New Zealand, there are big and small agencies to cater to your needs. Contact one who knows your area quite well, so they can market your property as an integral part of the neighbourhood it belongs in.

Prepare the Property

As soon as you decide to sell, you should already be thinking of ways to improve the house’s value. Yes, you can sell it as is and you might even fetch a good price without changing anything, but even a small change can give you a great profit. There is a great demand for New Zealand houses, and you will regret not taking the opportunity to boost the value. Now, how do you do it? Simply repainting the walls can already do wonders. You can also choose to fence the property or install new light fittings.

Advertise Everywhere

You have a real estate agent handling the viewings for you, but you can also send links to your Facebook friends or Twitter followers. This boosts the chances of potential buyers seeing your property and contacting you for details. It’s better that you communicate with your agent to know where they are listing your property, so that you can get the link. Use professional and enticing photos of the house, as well.

Selling a house can be done fast if you know how to do it right. The key is to let the right people know that you have a property up for sale.


Principles to Implement for Web Design

Website Design

Website DesignIf you think that design has nothing to do with conversion rate, you are wrong. The appearance and user-interface of your website have plenty to do with the click-throughs and experience of visitors. It’s important to implement the best practices and principles to get the most out of your site.

DigitalLand, experts on SEO web design in Adelaide cite the following theories that you need to know to improve your website.

Visual Hierarchy

This is an important design principle that you need to follow closely; this is the order which the eyes perceive a certain thing it sees. Certain aspects of your site have more value than others; some of these are calls to action, value proposition and forms. You want these to attract the most attention from visitors. Achieve this by using certain colours to elicit a response from a potential customer or make the size different from everything else on the page.

Hick’s Law

This law cites that with every extra choice there is an increase of time it takes to make a decision. One such example is that a menu with several options makes it difficult for customers to choose what to eat. Using the same example, if the said menu only has two choices, choosing a meal would take significantly less time. Applying the concept to websites, the more options a visitor has, the more difficult it is for them to use the way you want them to. You have to eliminate certain choices to make the user experience memorable and enjoyable.

Rule of Thirds

Images are an important aspect of websites as these provide a visual representation of your brand and the things or services you sell. Ideally, photos must follow the rule of thirds; which means that it has nine equal parts divided by two equally spaced horizontal and vertical lines. Important elements of the images must be along these imaginary lines or its intersections.

These are some of the design principles that many successful websites implement. Do the same to make your site appealing, effective and boost conversion rates.

Motorsport Advertising: One Half Fighting Smoking, One Half Exposure Gold Mine

F1 Racing

F1 RacingCigarettes are a part of how motorsport grew into a mammoth of a deal, as ironic as that sounds. The tobacco companies spent excessively to help their teams lure the fastest drivers, thus gaining maximum exposure for their money. This kind of method was most evident in Formula 1, where the actual thing happened: the greatest drivers of yesteryears almost all raced for teams that had major tobacco money.

Fifteen years since F1 banned their biggest advertising customers, they are still fighting to build their modern image. More than that, not everyone followed suit. Many regional racing events in Europe still allow tobacco and alcohol advertising on competing vehicles. Nevertheless, the world of motorsport moved on from the cash injection from their most influential partners and their biggest ethical conundrum.

It is not dead, but removed from the biggest possible event. So, what is the issue?

Exemplary Liveries, Unwanted Effect, Bad Timing

The divorce of mainstream motorsport and tobacco advertising was not messy, but it was detrimental to both parties. Cigarette companies lost their biggest horse, racing lost its biggest bettor. You can say that now, it is all forgotten, thanks to the bosses at Formula 1, MotoGP and various V8 Championships and their effort to boost the advertising value of their events.

Car RacingBut, no company today advertised like the tobacco titans. Unlike them, these modern-day sponsors are less involved in the sport and are more like pure financial partners. Before, Marlboro, Camel, Mild Seven, Rothmans and other cigarette producers want their liveries adorning the cars with the fastest drivers getting pole positions. They also struck gold because the drivers before were monuments to the sport.

To name a few: Schumacher won five straight titles with a Marlboro streak just behind him, Ayrton Senna also raced a Marlboro-backed McLaren-Honda, the yellow of Camel on Nigel Mansell’s championship car, the list goes on and on. In the Australian Touring scene of the 90’s, the best cars had Winfield sponsorship.

Furthermore, the tobacco guys knew how to advertise and boy, did they have legendary liveries. Even from the start of the partnership at Lotus, the ads were just phenomenal. What do people remember about Fernando Alonso’s championships from ‘06 and ’07? It was the big Mild Seven logos, which complemented his Renault car very well. Again with Marlboro, who were present in the fastest cars in F1, World Rally, NASCAR and more.

Now, is there any driver that can match these champions’ prestige, let alone touch base with Schumacher and Senna? No one, and that is the problem. The brands went well with the driver, but now, the driver goes well with the car. There is no conscious connection with the sponsors anymore. The last big palpable link between sponsor and driver was when Jenson Button shaved his beard because McLaren took Gillette on as a sponsor.

What is There to Learn

Companies should take note that motorsport is wildly popular and advertising here is an exposure gold mine. People watch the cars, intently, and as a result, they see the brands repeatedly for hours. Even in events outside of F1, the V8 Supercars in Australia as an example, the crowd is immense. Wherever you look at it, in television or physical numbers, motorsport livery makes an impact, a big impact.

This is why tobacco poured hundreds of millions into the sport. Your budget may not be as big, but whatever premium that comes with motorsport advertising is worth it.

Most importantly, it is crucial to have the right advertising partner. It does not necessarily mean having a Marlboro-Ferrari kind of marriage, but the print has to be memorable. More than that, it has to be top quality, according to Event Display. These vehicles go to the absolute limit and it is not just the car that has to keep up. If you are planning to use them as marketing vessels, your livery should last.

Tobacco sponsorship taught the whole advertising world something: the influence of money fades, so you have to make do with the time and space you have. In marketing terms, make your liveries memorable and bet on the right team.

The Basics of Below-the-Line Advertising

AdvertisingBrands that want to be remembered or wish to be ‘viral’ turn to TV, radio and the Internet. Techniques using these media are time-tested, easy to track, and can reach everyone. With fascinating results of using these methods, it is easy to forget the benefits of below-the-line advertising.

Don’t underestimate the power of BTL advertising; it is not just for brands that do not have a big budget. It is for any business that wants to see good results. One of the strengths of below-the-line techniques is that it allows creatives and ad agencies to come up with inventive and ingenious executions, which in turn make a campaign memorable.

Below are three of the most effective methods you can use:

Direct Marketing

Perhaps, the most common forms of direct marketing are posters, flyers and brochures. The strength of this method is that the message reaches the target audience more directly and quickly. If you are bored with the usual flyers, you can be creative by using wild design, typography, or packaging.

You may complement distribution with product sampling. Work with a reliable company that provides excellent design and printing services in Australia for better results, says an expert from Woolston Printing.

Public Relations

PR is one of the most reliable ways of creating a good business reputation. With this method, you are going to work with columnists, bloggers and influencers to promote your brand. PR does not only help you with promotions; it also makes an effective crisis communication technique.

Trade Shows and Events

Trade shows and events may be a costlier BTL technique, but the ROI is pretty high. This technique does not only target your specific market; it is also used to gain new business partners and investors. You can also integrate the above-cited BTL methods into trade shows, thus creating a more powerful messaging campaign.

When crafting an integrated marketing campaign, BTL advertisings should be part of it. There is so much to love about it — it is more affordable, and it allows you to personalise your message.

Referrals: Maximizing the Power of the Word-of-Mouth

Business Referral Marketing

Business Referral MarketingReferrals are much better at generating sales than cold calls and that’s been tried and tested. Companies such as Uber, Dropbox, and Airbnb have seen the results of having an efficient referral system can do.

Here are a few pointers to improve your existing referral base.

Do Regular Surveys

The best way to be informed is to ask questions. Ask your customers why they would or would not recommend you to their friends and family? Try to request for suggestions on how to make their experience with your business worth sharing. You can have the survey sheets printed out or you can place them online. However, do find ways to encourage your customers to answer the surveys.

Create Loyalty Programs

Small tokens of appreciations such as freebies and discounts are very effective motivators for clients to stay with your business. Giving prizes for bringing friends or discounts on group or partner packages would expand your customer base while creating a more loyal clientele. Furthermore, you can even use your own products and services as prizes too.

Follow-Up Clients

Following up on clients that have enjoyed their services with you or have not shown themselves in a while is sound customer service practice. It also encourages customers to come back and even share how much you care to others. Remember, your clients will remember you well if you took the time to remember them too.

Hire Third-Party Contractors

Referral systems are a big business now and you can take advantage of that to expand your own business. Do research on companies that offer expert business referral marketing packages, such as BNI Australia. These companies already have existing referral networks that they can personalise to fit your company’s needs. It’s a sound investment considering it will expand your reach among people outside your circle of business.

Existing multi-million companies have grown due to referral systems. Your business can expand the same way provided you follow the given suggestions. Here’s to your business’ successful promotional campaign by word-of-mouth!

The DO’s and DON’TS of Successful Business Referral

Business Referral

Business ReferralDo you own a small business? Are you thinking of how you can earn more profit? Why don’t you test the power of business referrals? Effective business referral, if done right, can give you endless opportunities that will lead your business to success. However, entrepreneurs should observe the proper techniques and avoid common mistakes during the process.

Before you embark on a business referral system, it is important to learn first the do’s and don’ts of this marketing strategy.


Be visible and likeable. suggests that referral networks should enhance your business’ exposure to many other businesses. Meet many people who can bring potential advantages to your business. Remember that to be liked is a great factor in being successful in business.

Do join and cooperate with benefit groups. You have to “plant” before you “harvest”. Being generous is a good quality that people should easily associate with you.

Do show up always. Continue expanding your contacts and add new circles of influence and involvement, but remember to keep in touch with your network. Remember that referral and networking come with being committed.

Do research and go beyond your business. Look for salespeople or “connectors”. People who connect in your business community can be your potential partner in gathering prospects.

Do create a list of customers or businesses. You want to meet or be referred to. This is to avoid waste of time and wrong referrals. It is always best to focus on your target and be precise with your goals.


Don’t use acquaintances inappropriately. The reason is obvious. You do not want to be put on the spot or get hijacked for the sake of building business marketing lists, so the same goes for your acquaintances.

Don’t grab the spotlight in every committee you are on. Always prioritize your business reputation in all aspects of networking. You should let people discover you and your skills naturally.

Don’t expect too much from colleagues. You can’t assume that your colleagues with similar expertise as yours can always be the sources of referrals. They have their own businesses, too. Always have consideration when reaching out to them.

Never be pushy. This is a major turnoff for potential customers. To make the “sales” relationship going, avoid rushing into it. Have a good conversation with clients all the time.

Don’t fail to differentiate your brand. In a sea full of service providers, it is vital to let potential consumers know what makes your business stand out among other competitors.

In every business, success requires hard work and dedication. Discipline, perseverance and a structured plan are the key factors to safeguard your business in the long run.

Platforms that Help with Mobile SEO Success


SEOPeople are growing more dependent on their mobile devices to interact online. Fewer individuals are using the desktop for online purposes. It’s for this reason that your business needs to have a mobile Internet presence as well.

The Platform for Mobile Websites

If you don’t have either a desktop or a mobile website yet, you’re in luck because you can design and optimize your website from scratch. Technically, there are three platforms for mobile Internet devices., an seo company in Denver, says you can simply hire web designers, but understanding how each of these platforms works will hopefully help you optimize your website’s online presence.

The Responsive Design

If you have not yet created or built your website for desktop, and you’re already looking into the possibility of creating a website for mobile devices, the responsive design will be best for you. Here, you only use a single URL for your website for desktops and your website for mobile devices.

Technically, you’re using the responsive design platform to create a single webpage. However, depending on the device that will be used by your target audience, your webpage will seamlessly respond to the screen size and system infrastructure of the web browser running it. In simple terms, you don’t need to design a website for desktop and another website for mobile devices.

This is what Google recommends for SEO purposes.

The Dynamic Content

Almost similar to the responsive design, dynamic serving utilizes the same single URL for both desktop and mobile versions of your website. However, what you see in the mobile version may not be the exact copy of its desktop counterpart. This is because the server automatically makes the adjustments in relation to what type of device the reader is using.

Mobile URLs

This design provides different codes to different devices, using different URLs. The website redirects to the appropriate page, depending on the user’s device.

Clearly, the best design to optimize your search rankings is the responsive design. Getting someone who can build it for you is the next crucial step.

5 Social Media Marketing Fails That You Could be Committing

Social Media

Social MediaGetting immediate feedback on your products and services through social media is one of the best ways a company can do in terms of market research. Aside from establishing a loyal set of followers, your social media account can become a free way to provide aftersales support and deliver marketing campaigns.

The Internet is vast and the trolls online are too numerous to count. You may fall into their traps or make some of the faux pas that can ruin your brand image:

  1. Failing to attribute photos

Unlike personal accounts, businesses using photos online can get very tricky — especially if you’re a serial sharer or intense curator. As you’re essentially profiting from the account, you have to make sure that you’re allowed to use the photos you share. Otherwise, you may be guilty of copyright violations.

  1. Riding a trend wrong

If your brand doesn’t have sympathy for a tragedy, you’re cold. If you mention the tragedy, your target market may think you’re capitalizing on it like what happened to Kenneth Cole. Keep in mind that you have to be empathic and remove the sell from a sensitive trend.

  1. Ignoring negative comments or any great social media marketing agency would tell you to engage your commenters — even if they’re negative. Be kind, helpful, and concerned, but maintain a sense of professionalism. Address their comments calmly and request to speak privately if they would allow.

  1. Complaining

Ranting about anyone or anything on your company wall can get you tagged by trolls and fans of the object of your complaint. It’s not worth it when a Twitter war or Facebook comments shouting match starts.

  1. Not asking permission

When the content, photo or media does not belong to your company, you have to ask for permission. The owner of the content may sue you or ask for a fine if they decide to pursue a lawsuit.

Social media marketing may require even more patience because people are more inclined to say what they want when they can hide behind anonymity or fake accounts. After all, it’s a jungle out there.