Tips to Ensure Your Website Design Game is a Win

Website Design on Different Devices

Website Design on Different DevicesAccording to the 2015 US Labor Statistics, there are around 205,000 web designers in the country, with about 2,000 working in CT. How do you stand out from this sea, then?

Whether you’re designing a personal site, for business, or a client, keep two things in mind: functionality and impact. Coforge Marketing based in Connecticut shares that to attract traffic, your site needs to stand out from the design perspective. To keep people on your site, you need them to find your site navigation-friendly.

Below are some simple tips that would ensure your website design follows these key concepts.

Simplicity is key

Unless you are a well-established business with a strong client base already, it’s the best bet that you keep your web page clean and clutter-free. Avoid putting too many things on your page that may confuse users. You need to ensure that users won’t have any difficulty in navigating your site. To do this, shy away from flash and glitter; make all elements that you put count.

Create more space

It’s a classic design principle that white space provides eyes rest and allows them to focus. Apply the same concept when designing your site (it doesn’t need to be literally white either!). You’ll find that adding space around and between elements can guide users in navigating the site and help them focus.

Be smart about using images

When incorporating images on your site, don’t think of them as a separate element. Each one you place on your site should be connected to your brand image. A good strategy to ensure harmony between your design and your brand is to make pictures, including their size and number to be used, be part of your branding discussions.

Be mobile friendly

As more and more users browse on their mobile devices for information, having a responsive design is not an option. Make sure that your site won’t lose out from mobile users. Ensure that all elements of your design are also optimized for mobile use.

Catering to the Needs of Online Gamblers

Online GamblingMobile gambling has always been quite a controversial topic and continues to be. Since its introduction in 2005, people expected the business to take over the industry.

But it never quite took off the way people thought it would. Any mention of mobile gambling exceeding expectations has cooled down.

In 2010, however, mobile gambling took a 360 degree turn when UK bookmakers introduced betting apps to iPhone sports. Introduction of the same signaled a big change, and news reports noted the increase in growth of the betting industry.

It’s no wonder so many new people want to invest. If you are among those who want to make an investment, know that it’s simply not enough if you’re just going to buy gambling traffic.

Targeting the Mobile Gambling Niche

Before you invest any of your hard earned money, it is important to get a full understanding of the mobile gambling niche. It’s a fully integrated product available on most sports betting sites, and customers can use a single account to log on to a website or mobile applications.

What does this say about your market? Don’t think of the mobile niche as small.

If you wish to target specific niches, give your site a mobile script. It’s a good investment, especially if you wish to convert mobile traffic successfully. Throw a mobile-friendly website into the mix and you can expect a 50% increase on traffic to your landing page.

The Right Deposit Size and Revenue

Mobile sports betting is almost on the same value level as that of actual sports bettors. If you want small victories, everything depends on the exact keywords used from sign-ups. Keep in mind, however, that mobile bettors will also be on their computers.

Also, the average deposit amount mobile casino players are willing to spend is somewhere around $50-$300. Odd players might deposit a thousand, but cases like this are rare. This proves that mobile casino is less integrated than sports betting.

Mobile betting might just be splashing around the corners, but if you plan to invest in this industry, it is important to get things right by knowing the basics.