Referrals: Maximizing the Power of the Word-of-Mouth

Business Referral Marketing

Business Referral MarketingReferrals are much better at generating sales than cold calls and that’s been tried and tested. Companies such as Uber, Dropbox, and Airbnb have seen the results of having an efficient referral system can do.

Here are a few pointers to improve your existing referral base.

Do Regular Surveys

The best way to be informed is to ask questions. Ask your customers why they would or would not recommend you to their friends and family? Try to request for suggestions on how to make their experience with your business worth sharing. You can have the survey sheets printed out or you can place them online. However, do find ways to encourage your customers to answer the surveys.

Create Loyalty Programs

Small tokens of appreciations such as freebies and discounts are very effective motivators for clients to stay with your business. Giving prizes for bringing friends or discounts on group or partner packages would expand your customer base while creating a more loyal clientele. Furthermore, you can even use your own products and services as prizes too.

Follow-Up Clients

Following up on clients that have enjoyed their services with you or have not shown themselves in a while is sound customer service practice. It also encourages customers to come back and even share how much you care to others. Remember, your clients will remember you well if you took the time to remember them too.

Hire Third-Party Contractors

Referral systems are a big business now and you can take advantage of that to expand your own business. Do research on companies that offer expert business referral marketing packages, such as BNI Australia. These companies already have existing referral networks that they can personalise to fit your company’s needs. It’s a sound investment considering it will expand your reach among people outside your circle of business.

Existing multi-million companies have grown due to referral systems. Your business can expand the same way provided you follow the given suggestions. Here’s to your business’ successful promotional campaign by word-of-mouth!

Catering to the Needs of Online Gamblers

Online GamblingMobile gambling has always been quite a controversial topic and continues to be. Since its introduction in 2005, people expected the business to take over the industry.

But it never quite took off the way people thought it would. Any mention of mobile gambling exceeding expectations has cooled down.

In 2010, however, mobile gambling took a 360 degree turn when UK bookmakers introduced betting apps to iPhone sports. Introduction of the same signaled a big change, and news reports noted the increase in growth of the betting industry.

It’s no wonder so many new people want to invest. If you are among those who want to make an investment, know that it’s simply not enough if you’re just going to buy gambling traffic.

Targeting the Mobile Gambling Niche

Before you invest any of your hard earned money, it is important to get a full understanding of the mobile gambling niche. It’s a fully integrated product available on most sports betting sites, and customers can use a single account to log on to a website or mobile applications.

What does this say about your market? Don’t think of the mobile niche as small.

If you wish to target specific niches, give your site a mobile script. It’s a good investment, especially if you wish to convert mobile traffic successfully. Throw a mobile-friendly website into the mix and you can expect a 50% increase on traffic to your landing page.

The Right Deposit Size and Revenue

Mobile sports betting is almost on the same value level as that of actual sports bettors. If you want small victories, everything depends on the exact keywords used from sign-ups. Keep in mind, however, that mobile bettors will also be on their computers.

Also, the average deposit amount mobile casino players are willing to spend is somewhere around $50-$300. Odd players might deposit a thousand, but cases like this are rare. This proves that mobile casino is less integrated than sports betting.

Mobile betting might just be splashing around the corners, but if you plan to invest in this industry, it is important to get things right by knowing the basics.

Killing It on Social Media: Facing the Holy Trinity of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter Head On

Social MediaThere’s no qualms about it: anyone who wants more exposure for their brand must appease the holy trinity of social media: Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Most of the content that goes viral out there originates from one of these three websites, and really, any trend anywhere must come from their users. That’s why when it comes to visibility, these are the three sites you need to pay attention to.

Social media is a vital cog of online marketing. It’s where the most number of active and interactive users are, after all. In addition, the marketplace is wide open. There are going to be multiple competitors and a playing field that’s used to changing a lot. Smashing it on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube isn’t just about doing the right thing; it’s also about getting it done at the right time for maximum effect. Good content is bound to go viral, but only if you do it right.

So, how do they do it?


To shake things up, the list should start with YouTube. Making it on this website is all about creating the most memorable mark on the first try. Every video must do its job of promoting the brand, while being entertaining and relevant. It’s also important to mind the small stuff, AKA the description and other sections of the video. A Denver SEO company should really help with this one.


What is Facebook now? It’s an actual marketplace where people can buy things, a video streaming site, a messaging platform (thanks to their brilliant Messenger app), and many more.

Nevertheless, there are still a couple of ground rules if you are looking to garner fame on this social media platform. A company’s own profile is its own ad space, so make the most out of it. Give the audience the mic: encourage them do the talking. For something accessible, post light and humorous facts connected with your business.


Twitter has always been easy. Everyone has a limit of 140 characters, so they want to make the most impact with the smallest amount. Seriously, using Twitter requires people to be ingenious. They will be integrating video functions soon, but Twitter is all about that 140 characters.

Make the most out of it by embracing conciseness: trim the fat in every tweet and retweets will come a-plenty. Go with the video trend: it’s what people talk about and in light of exposure, go with what’s new.

Social media is here to stay, so for businesses, there really is nothing to do now but grab the opportunity.

How to Deal with Unexpected Medical Bills

Loan OnlineDealing with expensive and unexpected medical bills is stressful, especially if you don’t have a health insurance. You need to figure out a way to pay for these expenses right away, as most hospitals would require you to settle the bills immediately. And if you can’t deal with it urgently, this issue could take a toll on the finances of the whole family.

To make things a bit easier for you, here are a few ways to deal with unexpected medical bills:

1. Take out a Personal Loan Online

Many lenders today offer short-term, personal loans online. Taking out a loan online is faster than applying for a traditional bank loan. So, if you really need to settle the hospital bills immediately, try getting a loan online. It is one of the few instances that personal loans could help your whole family.

2. Negotiate with the Medical Billing Department

Most hospitals don’t like turning your bill over to a collection agency, as the process would cost them money and time. So, it is in their best interest to negotiate a payment plan with you. But they would likely recommend a shorter payment period, perhaps in three to six months . So, it is important that you negotiate for the most comfortable timetable for you. Also, make sure that you understand all the significant details in your arrangement, such as the due date for payments, so that you can plan ahead.

3. File for Bankruptcy

A few weeks in the hospital could add up to thousands of dollars bill. But if the bills are so hefty and all your efforts to find a reasonable solution didn’t pan out, what you can do is file for bankruptcy. As long as you’re eligible to file it, bankruptcy could be the best way to take you out of debt. Just remember to talk to a reliable bankruptcy attorney to understand all the details about this legal action.

Medical debt is a serious matter. If you don’t want to put your family in a deep hole of debt, ask for help immediately or consider the three ideas mentioned above.

Platforms that Help with Mobile SEO Success


SEOPeople are growing more dependent on their mobile devices to interact online. Fewer individuals are using the desktop for online purposes. It’s for this reason that your business needs to have a mobile Internet presence as well.

The Platform for Mobile Websites

If you don’t have either a desktop or a mobile website yet, you’re in luck because you can design and optimize your website from scratch. Technically, there are three platforms for mobile Internet devices., an seo company in Denver, says you can simply hire web designers, but understanding how each of these platforms works will hopefully help you optimize your website’s online presence.

The Responsive Design

If you have not yet created or built your website for desktop, and you’re already looking into the possibility of creating a website for mobile devices, the responsive design will be best for you. Here, you only use a single URL for your website for desktops and your website for mobile devices.

Technically, you’re using the responsive design platform to create a single webpage. However, depending on the device that will be used by your target audience, your webpage will seamlessly respond to the screen size and system infrastructure of the web browser running it. In simple terms, you don’t need to design a website for desktop and another website for mobile devices.

This is what Google recommends for SEO purposes.

The Dynamic Content

Almost similar to the responsive design, dynamic serving utilizes the same single URL for both desktop and mobile versions of your website. However, what you see in the mobile version may not be the exact copy of its desktop counterpart. This is because the server automatically makes the adjustments in relation to what type of device the reader is using.

Mobile URLs

This design provides different codes to different devices, using different URLs. The website redirects to the appropriate page, depending on the user’s device.

Clearly, the best design to optimize your search rankings is the responsive design. Getting someone who can build it for you is the next crucial step.

5 Social Media Marketing Fails That You Could be Committing

Social Media

Social MediaGetting immediate feedback on your products and services through social media is one of the best ways a company can do in terms of market research. Aside from establishing a loyal set of followers, your social media account can become a free way to provide aftersales support and deliver marketing campaigns.

The Internet is vast and the trolls online are too numerous to count. You may fall into their traps or make some of the faux pas that can ruin your brand image:

  1. Failing to attribute photos

Unlike personal accounts, businesses using photos online can get very tricky — especially if you’re a serial sharer or intense curator. As you’re essentially profiting from the account, you have to make sure that you’re allowed to use the photos you share. Otherwise, you may be guilty of copyright violations.

  1. Riding a trend wrong

If your brand doesn’t have sympathy for a tragedy, you’re cold. If you mention the tragedy, your target market may think you’re capitalizing on it like what happened to Kenneth Cole. Keep in mind that you have to be empathic and remove the sell from a sensitive trend.

  1. Ignoring negative comments or any great social media marketing agency would tell you to engage your commenters — even if they’re negative. Be kind, helpful, and concerned, but maintain a sense of professionalism. Address their comments calmly and request to speak privately if they would allow.

  1. Complaining

Ranting about anyone or anything on your company wall can get you tagged by trolls and fans of the object of your complaint. It’s not worth it when a Twitter war or Facebook comments shouting match starts.

  1. Not asking permission

When the content, photo or media does not belong to your company, you have to ask for permission. The owner of the content may sue you or ask for a fine if they decide to pursue a lawsuit.

Social media marketing may require even more patience because people are more inclined to say what they want when they can hide behind anonymity or fake accounts. After all, it’s a jungle out there.

Latest Methods of SEO You Can Apply This Year


seoInternet marketing refers to advertising efforts that use the Internet and all its scheming to directly increase sales vie e-commerce. Internet marketing efforts are, more often than not, used in accord with advertising platforms that include television, radio and print.

Like any other marketing strategies, what you have applied in the previous years won’t necessarily work for this year. Therefore, you must reconsider your strategies each year and expand your reach. Here are several effective strategies you should apply for this year.

  1. Go Mobile

According to the latest study of GlobalWebIndex, around 80% of adults have smartphones and as for Google, around 50% of all traffic is from mobile. People nowadays find it more convenient to search anything right from the palm of their hand. Therefore, your site needs to be mobile-friendly to boost your ranking.

  1. Go for Long-Tail Keywords

Search engine optimization has evolved the past years and you should consider variety of keywords. Choosing long-tail keywords can and still attract more traffic and have less competition than the broad, general keywords. The right keywords can put you on top of search engine in no time.

  1. Get Active

Get active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and many more. Maintain your social media presence and interact with your audience. That way you can gain more trust and expand your brand.

  1. Inbound Links

This is one of search engine optimization strategies that will never go out of date. Creating referral traffic that links back to your page can help boost SEO. Get people to write about your products or services. This will also expand your market and gain more audience.

  1. Get Help

Expert marketing SEO services, says, can help you in the bigger marketing picture. You do not have to worry for small stuff because there are free SEO tools online that will help you improve your marketing techniques and assist you get more traffic.

To establish you brand online, implement the right SEO methods and use appropriate keywords. The right SEO techniques are effective and efficient for your business in the long run

Most Recent Trends in the Web Design Industry

web designTo get ahead of the tight online competition, most businesses use the most updated web trends. This allows them to stay relevant, keep their status quo, and on top of their game. reports that currently, most San Diego web design companies are starting to combine different basic and experimental elements to create creative and practical designs. The following are just some of the latest web design trends:

  • Responsive Design

It is very important to have a web design that is mobile-friendly. Keep in mind that most Internet users access the online world through mobile, which has led to the birth of responsive design technology. This kind of design allows online users access your website and view your site using different devices, such as tablets, smartphones, and of course desktop computers. Responsive design gives users the best viewing experience whenever and wherever they are.

  • Large Background Layout

Web designers know the important role of photos in the digital communication industry. Whether the site is designed for selling, blogging, or informing, large photos are used to set the tone or mood of the entire page. Images are designed to engage users and illustrate what the page is trying to convey.

  • List Icon Design

The list icon design is designed to make the website look more organized and more readable. This helps users find specific information they are looking for faster as this design is arranged with list icons. It features blocks of texts and then an icon to outline their page. The icon list illustrates the feature that is on the list.

As the online community gets bigger, the web design industry has become more in demand as well. This trend allows web designers to explore and discover more designs that are beyond our imagination. We can expect more ingenious and interesting web designs in the near future.

Going Local: Expanding Your Online Presence with Local SEO


seoCompeting in the online market is becoming even more difficult to do. Aside from the increasingly crowded environment, Google is constantly changing how search engine optimization, and to an extent, online marketing works.

Also, many expanding businesses are now focusing on localized SEO and online marketing strategies. This change in trend isn’t just to get out of an increasingly crowded market. Going local SEO is actually a more effective method than national or even international online marketing strategies.

Accurate Results and other local SEO Agencies note that one of the biggest draws to local SEO and online marketing is how accurate the search results if you compare them to marketing in the national or international level.

Smartphones actually play a role here; more people are using their cellphones instead of personal computers to search online. This means localized and proximity based results show up more frequently.

Localizing SEO also helps establish a niche in the market. Many businesses have a difficult time setting themselves apart from others in the same market or industry. You target a more specific audience if you localize your SEO and online marketing strategies, which helps you go toe to toe with other businesses.

Individual Searching and Browsing

Another factor is the rise in individual searching. Majority of people searching online are logged in to their google accounts while they’re browsing. Their search history, and more importantly, their geographic location, play a hand in what search results actually appear.

Businesses that have localized their SEO have a clear advantage over their counterparts with these factors in mind. More people will see them as the first set of results on the search bar. Not only does this allow them to compete with larger or even well-established business, but it also further strengthens their online presence.

Many businesses tend to skip out on localizing SEO entirely as they think these are better left for smaller business.

While there’s no doubt that it’s usually a stepping stone to national and international marketing, it still finds value in an increasingly competitive online market. Local SEO is fast becoming an important and viable online marketing strategy that helps businesses compete with larger and established businesses in a crowded and competitive market.

A Time Frame of SEO Results: When Certain Results Occur


seoEvery SEO company strives to provide successful campaigns to each client. Furthermore, the rise of statistics in online marketing effectively makes SEO strategies tailored to specific needs. Though impressive, it’s only expected of them to do due diligence. What’s important is if the client is satisfied with the rendered services, which is decided by the period that a client sees SEO results.

The amount of time each campaign yields vary from one month to one year. It may depend on the client’s business and the SEO company’s capabilities. Campaigns for construction supplies should produce results in as little as four months due to less competition. On the other hand, financial institutions live in a more driven field, where SEO results surface in about a year.

The Deciding Factors

In a perfect world, SEO companies know the strategy to use for each client and how to alter it based on their particular needs. That is a dangerous perception towards SEO service providers, according to SEO white label reseller It sets clients up for disappointment, as they expect too much, too fast from their SEO partners.

But, an ineffective SEO won’t depend on a company’s reputation. The success or efficiency of a campaign depends of three things, however, that an SEO company may or may not provide. These are content, consistency and charisma.

  1. ContentThe lifeblood of any SEO strategy, content drives conversion rate higher each day. Google will only recognize quality content, but three of those each day is an adrenaline shot to a client’s Google ranking. Soon enough, the search engine giant will do the site a favor and promote its content.
  2. Consistency – This aspect is present in many parts of a client’s website. It could be continuous publishing of quality content, earning of natural links or constant website improvement. Before long, Google will give websites their golden pass to fame.
  3. Charisma – As previously mentioned, Google plays a big part on the advancement of a website. While their algorithm would recognize the efforts of SEO services, turning peoples’ heads around is an altogether different matter. It’s only achievable by communicating with real customers, readers and visitors. Convince them that the site is worth linking to, and it won’t be long before it’s a source of reliable information.

The success of SEO campaigns is so satisfying to see as it also means that an enterprise is getting more business. This is why SEO services are more of a necessity than something that you would think would set you back in terms of finances.