5 Key Areas for Strata Cleaning Sydney

Two cleaners smilingStrata cleaning and maintenance is not as easy as it sounds. Most buildings will have large areas that fall under common use. Failure to maintain common areas can have legal consequences. Some owners’ corporations keep these tasks in-house, while others find it more cost-effective to hire professional cleaners for strata cleaning in Sydney. Whatever you choose for your strata, you have to make sure you cover five key areas.

Hallways and lobbies

Any strata complex will have hallways and lobbies. Because everyone goes through the lobby and hallways to get to their units, they are often the areas that need the most frequent cleaning and maintenance. This is not only to keep it clean but also to ensure the safety of the unit owners and their visitors.


Lifts need particular attention because they are small, enclosed spaces that many people use on a daily basis. Germs can spread quite easily. Anyone with a nasty cold can infect the whole building by sneezing or touching the buttons. Cleaning all the lifts every day is essential for keeping any germs from spreading.


Another area that gets a lot of use is the stairways. Many people pound up and down them, and not everyone is careful about reporting any mess they may have made.  It is particularly important to keep them free from spills because a slippery stairway is likely to result in falls and serious injuries. Wiping down stair rails also help keep germs from spreading.


Lawns make any property more desirable, but only if it receives proper maintenance. Nothing looks worse than an overgrown or leaf-strewn lawn fronting a building. You should make every effort to keep the grass trimmed and plants healthy.


Common areas include the outdoors as well, and driveways get a lot of use. These need regularly sweeping and hosing down to get rid of dirt, debris, and mud to protect the vehicles of unit owners from damage. This is especially true after any construction work in the area. Stray screws, nails, and other scrap materials can do serious damage to tyres.

Strata cleaning are essential for keeping the property looking nice and comfortable. Make sure any maintenance schedule you have for common areas include these five key areas.

2 Simple Steps to Starting Your Business Venture as a Landlord

Modern apartments at sunset.Many first-time buyers looking to join the real estate sector as landlords often overlook several crucial factors when making a buy and it leads them to have a nasty experience that ruins the entire exercise.

You heard it said, many times over, that the key to building wealth is investing the real estate sector. In fact, research shows that the wealthiest men in the world boast impressive real estate holding. In most cases, it is a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

In light of such information, many people looking to secure their finances often look for a way to join the bandwagon. Despite the rosy appeal of the sector, one slight misstep can cause you a ton of crippling financial woes.

Therefore, before closing the deal on one of the many apartment buildings for sale in Vancouver, bear a few crucial factors in mind.

1. It’s important to understand the market forces.

While a home a basic human need, tenants are super selective in their tastes and preferences when picking a house. You need to be sure that your properties align well with the market requirement. At least if you are to attract and retain the kind of tenants you wish to have.

For instance, if targeting young professionals, ensure that your rental units boast a conducive environment to raise a family. The last thing a young and busy professional needs is to worry about the welfare if their family while at work.

Security, accessibility, proximity to social amenities, and schools are some of the primary factors that parents consider while buying a home.

2. It’s vital to keep turnover rates low at all times.

While inevitable, you want to keep the turnover rates at their barest minimum if you are to create a steady income from your property. In most cases, tenants vacate units that fail to live up to their expectation. Poor maintenance ranks atop of that list along with poor management.

With so many options on the market, the only way to hold on to your tenants is to ensure that they are getting their money’s worth. Hire a manager or retain a professional service to help you avoid such instances as it enables you to prevent hefty losses.

Owning some rental unit is a sure way of building wealth and securing your financial future. For the best experience and results, have an expert guide you through the buying process as they are more knowledgeable on the subject.

Salt Lake City Apartment Demands Tenants to “Like” It on Facebook

Apartment in Salt Lake City

Apartment in Salt Lake CitySeveral tenants of the City Park Apartments complex in Salt Lake City complained to local media after their landlord issued a bizarre order about “liking” and adding them as a friend on Facebook.

The property owner distributed a new lease contract that includes a provision on the social media requirement. Many considered the requirement to be an odd condition, while some were led to believe that they are forced to accept it… or else.

While this may seem as a lapse in judgment on the landlord’s part, professional property management companies in UT like Real Property Management could help owners and developers in creating fair and justifiable conditions for rental property contracts.

The Contract

City Park Apartments’ tenants got the contract addenda on their doorstep and it instructed them to add the complex within five days or risk being put under a breach of agreement. The residents also said that the contract advised them against posting negative comments about the property on the social media site.

It also informed them that City Park Apartments reserve the right to use photos of its occupants on their Facebook page. Following the uproar over the document’s conditions, the apartment has already rescinded the contract and apologized to its tenants.

Misconstrued Terms

Kirk A Cullimore LLC, the law firm representing City Park Apartments’ owners, said that the Facebook condition was not completely vetted. It did not place any tenant at risk of being evicted, as well as being subject to an unfavorable action by the landlord, according to the law firm.

The contract was supposedly meant to protect the residents and owners for the use of photos of community events on the Facebook page. The document’s release occurred as the complex opened a swimming pool, where a party was expected to take place.

The law firm also clarified that the apartment complex will no longer require tenants to sign the addendum.

Ways to Improve Property Management and Keep Residents Happy

Property Management  in ChicagoAre you wondering why long-term tenants decide to leave? There must be good reasons that made them change their mind about your property. Maybe it’s your lack of communication. Or is it because the lack of renovations? Regardless of the cause, there are a few things you can do to improve your apartment management technique.

Better Communication

Confusion in the apartment whether it is about rent payment dates or scheduled repairs may lead to unwanted quarrels. Communicating with your tenants allows you to understand their needs and wants. It enables you to make adjustments that will improve their satisfaction of the service you offer. You also develop rapport when you create an open line of communication with your tenants. There is less tension and conflict between the two of you if you talk with each other about issues regarding the property.


You may lose current tenants if you fail to upgrade appliances, insulation, air conditioning or rotting walls. People do not want to feel like they live in a haunted house or a place that is about to collapse. Renovate to make your property look good and improve the satisfaction rate of your tenants.

Problem Solver

Your tenants want a problem solver who takes immediate action. Be this person for them by quickly responding to problems in the property, whether it is replacing damaged plumbing or fixing faulty wiring. Get a team of experienced contractors such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters and others to get the work done quickly. Inspect the property to determine if a problem may arise, stopping it before it happens reduces damage and expenses over time. Performing regular maintenance also extends the useful life of appliances, pipes, wires and others. Realty & Mortgage suggests you get an apartment management company in Chicago to do these things for you.

These are only some of the things you do to boost satisfaction ratings and keep tenants. With these, you also win their trust and develop rapport to build a lasting professional relationship.