3 Must-Hire Experts When Buying a Home

Real Estate Agent in FloridaBuying a home can be a long and tedious process. Some people underestimate just how complicated it can be. That’s why they go about it without really preparing themselves for all the decisions and expenses that come along the way. If you don’t want to make the same mistakes as the unprepared buyers, you need to work with professionals to help you throughout the process.

Here are three professionals that you must work with for a smooth and faster home buying process:

Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent will always be number one on the list of experts you need when buying a home because they are responsible for guiding you from the beginning up to the end of the process. They have all the knowledge, expertise, experience, and connection to make your life easier. From giving you access to exclusive home listings to negotiating with the seller on your behalf, you won’t regret hiring one that’s credible and dependable.

Mortgage Lender

If you are part of the majority who can’t buy a house in full, then you need the help of a mortgage lender to give you the best mortgage loan based on your credit, income, and financial capabilities. As different lenders will give you different rates and terms, Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. says that it’s best to consult with three to five before choosing which mortgage loan is the right one for you.

Home Inspector

When you’re nearing the end of the home buying process, a certified home inspector is necessary to make sure the house you’re buying doesn’t have hidden damages that you’ll be responsible for if you don’t uncover them before finalizing the deal. A home inspector will inspect every nook and cranny of the house. If there is any damage, you can renegotiate the deal or ask the seller to fix it first before you buy the property.

With the help of these three professionals, you’ll have more peace of mind throughout the whole process up until you buy the home of your dreams.

Baltimore: A Better Place to Enjoy Leisure, Life and Living

Real Estate Agent in BaltimoreBaltimore may have a suburban feel but it’s still a major city. As a matter of fact, it ranked 67 as one of the best cities to live in the US with a 6.4 over 10 scorecard. But there are more practical reasons why you should consider moving to Baltimore.

Affordable Living

Imagine living in a city that can give you a two-storey house for the price of a studio unit in other major metropolises. Despite being practically a ride away from Washington DC, Philadelphia, and New York, Baltimore offers lower cost of living and affordable real estate. All you need to do is find the right real estate agent, property and mortgage lender and you’re good to go, an expert from Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. advised.

Ease of Transportation

Buses and trains are available, with routes that can take you even to neighboring cities. And though you can still drive to work, you can choose to be more eco-friendly and pedal to your office. Bicycle riding is highly encouraged in Baltimore since it gives one the chance to exercise without burning fossil fuel, the air or your gas money.

Rich Culture and History

Local food markets and dining establishments offer fresh produce, seafood, and international cuisine at half the usual prices in other major cities. Take advantage of amazing music and art events with very affordable ticket prices. Visit the Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum, the summer art festival Artscape and the Baltimore’s Washington Monument for a dose of history and culture as well.

Upcoming Upgrades

Though safety is a concern in a few areas in Baltimore; continuous civic and community drives to upgrade the city’s security and crime-prevention measures have been put in effect within the past years. There is also a thrust for more employment openings, community outreach organizations and social-civic programs.

Feel free to visit Baltimore and see what else this charming city has to offer. Do enjoy the sights but find the time to check on schools, neighborhoods, and real estate. After all, Baltimore has more to offer than just a great time.