Fix or Delete: Handling Old Content

SEOWe’d like for things to always go right in the world of SEO. But just like real life, something will go wrong along the way.

Despite the careful planning, expect bumps from over-aggressive SEO tactics, companies with shady strategies, or the fact that you didn’t know better. Making mistakes is inevitable; what matters is how you’ll respond to these SEO bumps.

Diagnosing the Problem

SEO starter kits are handy, experts from C1 Partners say. But they’ll be more useful if you know the root of the problem. There are two ways to diagnose a problem.

The first is observing current organic search traffic received by your site. Little drops every now and then don’t call for a panic, but when it’s drastic in nature, you have a problem. The second way to learn about a problem is if you receive direct messages from Google Search Console. If you’re not signed up for the Search Console, do so today.

Addressing Link Related Concerns

No one enjoys receiving manual link penalties. When you’ve been penalized, a clean link profile is your best bet.

Start by building a complete list of links connected to your site. Dedupe your list as often as you can and analyze all of the links. You don’t have to look at two or more links per domain. Take note of the problematic ones to address them immediately.

Repeat the process four times until you’ve thoroughly analyzed all links. For the links you can’t remove, Google has a disavow tool to help you out.

Hit by the Penguin

Unlike manual Google penalties, reconsiderations have no bearing when you’ve been hit by the Penguin. After cleaning link problems, you have to wait.

Google’s Penguin algorithm, however, runs rarely. Since its release on April 24, 2012, the algorithm updated only five times. Unfortunate sites hit by Penguin waited for a longer period before recovering.

While Google is working on a new release, it takes time. So for now, you have to sit back and wait.

Everyone makes mistakes, but look at the bright side: your efforts to recovery tell you how to thrive on Google. Winning over survival gives you a better chance at succeeding overall.SEO Marketing ExpertsIf your website has been running your years, you may face the challenge of auditing your old posts. You may wonder if some of them are worth keeping or if it is better to delete them. The key here, of course, relies on evaluating which content are still valuable and relevant to the users. Consider the latest algorithm today and assess if those content still meets Google’s standard.

SEO marketing experts in Denver and other parts of Colorado share some options for handling old content:

Add More Value

If your old post is still valuable but not much relevant, update or rewrite it. Perhaps, you can boost the word count, add more information, provide additional insight, or make an infographic version. After rewriting and updating the post, promote it through social media channels.

Merge the Content

For short blog posts that have similar topics or subjects, it is better to combine them or merge into one valuable and longer post. You can also turn them into an updated or a more valuable single FAQ page.

Delete the Post

If the content, however, offers no value or would be worthless to update, don’t hesitate to remove it. This is because letting it stay on your website could simply hurt your rankings. It is much safer to delete content if it has little or nothing to redirect to.

Redirecting the Content

For shorter blog posts that are the less valuable version of a recent and longer content, you can remove or redirect it to the new post or URL link. This is beneficial in preserving the value of your old incoming links.

Freshen up your website by rewriting or improving old pieces of content. If there is nothing left to it, however, go ahead and remove the content. This is especially true for low-quality posts that will only hurt your search ranking. Doing so will benefit your traffic or improve the overall quality of your website.

Find Out What SEO Can Do for You


SEO If you want any guarantee for a position in Google’s search result, you must embrace the use of SEO strategy. Although there are many SEO companies in Sydney, digital marketing expert notes that every business owner must be prepared to look for the right strategy that will provide the desired results.

Why use SEO?

Due to its effectiveness, SEO has been widely adopted as one of the best online marketing strategies. If you are seeking to conduct your business online, then, here is why using SEO is such an important marketing strategy.

• It’s cost effective. Many companies fail to do well since they lack enough resources for advertisement. SEO, on the other hand, offers the best cost-effective strategy for marketing your business. It targets online users who are searching for your products and services. As a matter of fact, the inbound nature of SEO makes it possible for businesses to save a lot of money, unlike the outbound marketing strategies.

• Improved traffic. It is important to note that top positions on search results get more impressions and clicks. This in return will lead to increased traffic for your website. Besides, SEO focuses on relevant keyword titles and Meta descriptions that appear on the result pages. Such optimised titles and descriptions increase the rate of click through and in return web traffic.

• Better site usability. In attempts to make it easier for the search engine to navigate your website, it also becomes easier for users as well. SEO involves rearranging the architecture of your site as well as the links, to make it easier to find and navigate pages within the website. This makes it easier for the search engine to crawl as well as for users to find information much easier.

• Brand exposure. Rankings in top positions will lead to significant impressions and click through. The resulting effect is that your brand gets more exposure and awareness. Top ranking in search result also builds trust, since users see companies appearing on the first page as more trustworthy.

If you choose to use the online platform for your business, you must choose the SEO strategy. The use of this strategy cannot be underestimated.

Latest Methods of SEO You Can Apply This Year


seoInternet marketing refers to advertising efforts that use the Internet and all its scheming to directly increase sales vie e-commerce. Internet marketing efforts are, more often than not, used in accord with advertising platforms that include television, radio and print.

Like any other marketing strategies, what you have applied in the previous years won’t necessarily work for this year. Therefore, you must reconsider your strategies each year and expand your reach. Here are several effective strategies you should apply for this year.

  1. Go Mobile

According to the latest study of GlobalWebIndex, around 80% of adults have smartphones and as for Google, around 50% of all traffic is from mobile. People nowadays find it more convenient to search anything right from the palm of their hand. Therefore, your site needs to be mobile-friendly to boost your ranking.

  1. Go for Long-Tail Keywords

Search engine optimization has evolved the past years and you should consider variety of keywords. Choosing long-tail keywords can and still attract more traffic and have less competition than the broad, general keywords. The right keywords can put you on top of search engine in no time.

  1. Get Active

Get active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and many more. Maintain your social media presence and interact with your audience. That way you can gain more trust and expand your brand.

  1. Inbound Links

This is one of search engine optimization strategies that will never go out of date. Creating referral traffic that links back to your page can help boost SEO. Get people to write about your products or services. This will also expand your market and gain more audience.

  1. Get Help

Expert marketing SEO services, says, can help you in the bigger marketing picture. You do not have to worry for small stuff because there are free SEO tools online that will help you improve your marketing techniques and assist you get more traffic.

To establish you brand online, implement the right SEO methods and use appropriate keywords. The right SEO techniques are effective and efficient for your business in the long run

Going Local: Expanding Your Online Presence with Local SEO


seoCompeting in the online market is becoming even more difficult to do. Aside from the increasingly crowded environment, Google is constantly changing how search engine optimization, and to an extent, online marketing works.

Also, many expanding businesses are now focusing on localized SEO and online marketing strategies. This change in trend isn’t just to get out of an increasingly crowded market. Going local SEO is actually a more effective method than national or even international online marketing strategies.

Accurate Results and other local SEO Agencies note that one of the biggest draws to local SEO and online marketing is how accurate the search results if you compare them to marketing in the national or international level.

Smartphones actually play a role here; more people are using their cellphones instead of personal computers to search online. This means localized and proximity based results show up more frequently.

Localizing SEO also helps establish a niche in the market. Many businesses have a difficult time setting themselves apart from others in the same market or industry. You target a more specific audience if you localize your SEO and online marketing strategies, which helps you go toe to toe with other businesses.

Individual Searching and Browsing

Another factor is the rise in individual searching. Majority of people searching online are logged in to their google accounts while they’re browsing. Their search history, and more importantly, their geographic location, play a hand in what search results actually appear.

Businesses that have localized their SEO have a clear advantage over their counterparts with these factors in mind. More people will see them as the first set of results on the search bar. Not only does this allow them to compete with larger or even well-established business, but it also further strengthens their online presence.

Many businesses tend to skip out on localizing SEO entirely as they think these are better left for smaller business.

While there’s no doubt that it’s usually a stepping stone to national and international marketing, it still finds value in an increasingly competitive online market. Local SEO is fast becoming an important and viable online marketing strategy that helps businesses compete with larger and established businesses in a crowded and competitive market.

No Need to be Complicated: Four Ways to Keep Your SEO Efforts Minimal but Effective


SEOSome SEO specialists may not know this, but a minimalist approach on handling your search strategies can be as effective. With so many factors that come into play, you will be lost in translation if you don’t pay attention to the little details. A minimalist approach will help you set your priorities right.

Here are four of the most important aspects you need to focus on:

Well-Written Content

The right content adds value to your SEO campaigns. Whitepapers, blog posts, and even non-conventional content like infographics, interviews, and videos should be well researched and unique. As what Denver SEO experts always say, you should have a target market in mind whenever you’re producing content. Knowing what they think about the content through feedback is also important, so you can do revisions and improve your content.

Strong Relationships

Build strong relationships with off-site experts and authorities to get your content published or shared on external sites. This is a great way to boost your link building efforts. Hire a digital marketing agency to help connect your brand with social influencers. With the right strategy, you can earn mentions and reach a wider audience.

Social Engagement

A great SEO campaign also includes building the trust and loyalty of your core customers. They have the power to spread your word on top 10 laptops for programming social media sites and reach more people that may be interested in what you have to offer. This is a great strategy to fuel your visibility in social media sites.

User Experience

Your website should offer a great user experience to make customers want to browse more of your website rather than leave it and look for a better one. This includes fast loading time, easy navigation, and mobile-friendly features.

Don’t let your search marketing efforts bring half-baked results. Maximize all opportunities to get more results from your campaigns.

A Time Frame of SEO Results: When Certain Results Occur


seoEvery SEO company strives to provide successful campaigns to each client. Furthermore, the rise of statistics in online marketing effectively makes SEO strategies tailored to specific needs. Though impressive, it’s only expected of them to do due diligence. What’s important is if the client is satisfied with the rendered services, which is decided by the period that a client sees SEO results.

The amount of time each campaign yields vary from one month to one year. It may depend on the client’s business and the SEO company’s capabilities. Campaigns for construction supplies should produce results in as little as four months due to less competition. On the other hand, financial institutions live in a more driven field, where SEO results surface in about a year.

The Deciding Factors

In a perfect world, SEO companies know the strategy to use for each client and how to alter it based on their particular needs. That is a dangerous perception towards SEO service providers, according to SEO white label reseller It sets clients up for disappointment, as they expect too much, too fast from their SEO partners.

But, an ineffective SEO won’t depend on a company’s reputation. The success or efficiency of a campaign depends of three things, however, that an SEO company may or may not provide. These are content, consistency and charisma.

  1. ContentThe lifeblood of any SEO strategy, content drives conversion rate higher each day. Google will only recognize quality content, but three of those each day is an adrenaline shot to a client’s Google ranking. Soon enough, the search engine giant will do the site a favor and promote its content.
  2. Consistency – This aspect is present in many parts of a client’s website. It could be continuous publishing of quality content, earning of natural links or constant website improvement. Before long, Google will give websites their golden pass to fame.
  3. Charisma – As previously mentioned, Google plays a big part on the advancement of a website. While their algorithm would recognize the efforts of SEO services, turning peoples’ heads around is an altogether different matter. It’s only achievable by communicating with real customers, readers and visitors. Convince them that the site is worth linking to, and it won’t be long before it’s a source of reliable information.

The success of SEO campaigns is so satisfying to see as it also means that an enterprise is getting more business. This is why SEO services are more of a necessity than something that you would think would set you back in terms of finances.