Customs Broker: Finding the Right One for You

a man working at his deskIt is important to keep in mind the rules and regulations when importing goods from anywhere across the globe. However, knowing how to clear goods properly at a border can be quite a handful.

If you’re selling merchandise while handling all issues relating to entry procedures, trade agreements, tariff treatments, and valuation of goods, it may be helpful to hire a customs broker.

What is a Customs Broker?

These are professionals who provide expert services on clearance of goods during import and export. A customs broker here in Manila aims to assist in the documentation process of the country’s rules and regulations regarding international trade.

Business owners would constantly seek their guidance to avoid fines, delayed clearance, and any errors on entities. Here are the factors to consider when finding a customs broker:


The first thing you have to check is the customs broker’s eligibility. An accredited customs broker means that he or she has passed the licensure examinations for customs brokerage. They are those who have the sufficient knowledge to assist you in valuation and classification issues.

An eligible customs broker will most likely help you avoid entity errors and enhance customs compliance.

Track Record

When looking for a good customs broker, it is crucial not to limit yourself to the marketing material. The previous clients are your best source for the customs broker’s capabilities. Furthermore, you can ask local air and ocean carriers for feedback regarding the customs broker’s performance.

Technical Knowledge

Dealing with local and international customs is not a walk in the park. The laws relating to the transport of goods can be very complex. Finding a customs broker who possesses sufficient technical knowledge and who is equipped with the latest information on importation, exportation, and shipments is key.


With the advancements in technology, automation is possible. A good customs broker should be able to leverage automation technology be connected to a country’s customs and various cargo tracking sites and web portals. Furthermore, communication between the two of you should not be an issue.


If you specialize in a particular product or type of import, it is only reasonable to find a customs broker who has knowledge and expertise in clearing your type of product. All customs broker specializes in a particular product line, which has laws that are different to that of another product line.


A customs broker is an invaluable partner who represents you and your business in front of the customs department. Therefore, an ethical approach from the customs broker is much appreciated. Most of the time, the goods you are shipping are valuable and irreplaceable.

An ethical customs broker in Manila should handle your products with utmost care and professionalism.

Dealing with customs transactions by yourself has certain risks. It would be beneficial for your business to hire a customs broker. Keep in mind that a customs broker is your partner in every sense of the word.

5 Must Ask Questions for Your Concrete Repair Contractor

Construction inspector observing current projectYou have some concrete work to do. Whether it’s a new construction or repair job, you know how crucial it is to have it done by a highly experienced contractor. The challenge, however, is finding the right contractor from the large pool of construction companies out there.

It is important to have a series of questions prepared, as these will help you make a good decision. Here are some of them:

Do you have insurance?

Before signing the contract, ask the concrete company if they are fully insured. This will ensure that you are covered against any damages to your property in the course of their work. It will also exempt you from being liable for the medical bills should an accident happens in your premises.

Can I get a list of references?

Ask the company for a list of their previous clients, as well as photos of their previous work. Contact some of the former clients and ask for their reviews and recommendations. Check their level of satisfaction and whether their expectations were met. Inspect the finished work if possible.

It is important to concentrate on reviewing the type of work you are interested in. For example, if you need a concrete driveway repair service for your home in Kansas City, review similar jobs done by the contractor. This information will help you assess the contractor’s reputation and the quality of work to expect.

Where is your physical address?

Any professional concrete contractor should have a physical location. This shows professionalism and is a sign of legitimacy. Be wary of contractors who tell you that they operate only via online platforms. It’s ideal to arrange a visit to their office for an initial consultation.

Do you offer a warranty?

A reputable contractor will offer you a warranty, at least for a year. If a company doesn’t provide any warranty, move on to the next contractor. Be sure to check the clauses in the warranty to determine what is covered and what is not.

Do you subcontract?

Find out if your prospective concrete company subcontracts. Some companies may have limited resources and to make up for this, they hire another firm or expert to handle some tasks. The sad thing about subcontracting is that it can end up hurting your budget and compromising your project. It will also take more time to finish the work. If possible, hire a contractor who can do all the work.

Finding a reputable and a trustworthy contractor can be a challenge. But with the help of the above questions, you will be able to find the one in no time.

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Mode of Transport

 Businessman in a the subway trainPublic transport has made significant improvements over the years, offering varied options for people to reach their destination conveniently without having to bring their own cars. There are several and specialised modes of transport at people’s disposal. Selecting the right one for your trip involves careful consideration and planning.

Here are four key factors you should consider before making your bookings.


Speed is an important factor to consider if you need to reach the destination within a short period of time. When booking a ticket, consider the travel time and route plan of the transport mode you are taking. However, keep in mind that the fastest modes come with a price, so expect to pay more when going for this option.


When confidentiality is a necessity, such as in a business trip, privacy should be major consideration. But it should also be a requirement if you’re traveling long distances for several hours. If you’re taking an interstate route, you wounld want to consider the layout of the public transport and see if it provides enough space for you to keep to yourself.


Comfort is just as crucial as any other consideration. Whether you’re travelling for leisure or work, it is important to stay comfortable throughout the trip. The best way to know how comfortable an option is by reading customer reviews and ratings online. Most people nowadays share their experiences online, and it pays to consider these when making a decision.


Affordability is also a key consideration when selecting a mode of transport. For instance, if you're organising a tour in Sydney for a large group of people, hiring a charter bus or custom tour bus is a cost-effective option. This mode of transport is designed for this specific purpose, so you'll most likely find the option that best fits your budgets and needs.

To avoid delays and inconveniences, it is best to choose the type of transport that fits your needs and the purpose of your trip. Explore as many options as you can and plan ahead. 

What to Look for in an Office Desk

Round office table on a meeting roomDesks are an integral part of any office. After all, it’s where most of the work is done. But desks are more than flat surfaces, so before you pick a new office desk, know the essential things you need to check before buying an office desk online.

Whether you plan to go to a store, or simply order your office desk from an online shopping system, here are things you ought to consider before making your purchase.


Think about what you intend to do on your desk. If you need to do a lot of paperwork or only a desktop, you might require a larger area. However, if you need to draw or paint, you might need a desk with a certain space. Know how you will use your desk and choose the right desk type, size, and shape.


The size of your desk should be able to fit your assigned space or cubicle. Knowing how much space you need, would help narrow down enormous choices.

Working style

Always overestimate the area that you would need. Knowing your working style, whether you mostly deal with digital data, or whether you are the type to get piled up with paperwork, records, and hard documents play a huge factor in determining which desk to purchase.


Desks with drawers are always useful if your work requires you to deal with tons of paperwork. Those which have pull-out trays for keyboards and CPU slot are helpful if you work with a desktop. Do not underestimate your need for storage. You will never know when you need that extra drawer.


Invest in good materials that would last longer. With the array of available materials in the market, there is something that will match your budget and your preference. Whether it is for your home office or your company, choosing durable materials is always a good investment.

The next time you go for office desk shopping, keep these things in mind and see how the right desk would improve your productivity.

Web Design That Bring Business Success

Web Design

Web DesignEvery business has its own website for a number of good reasons. The advent of the World Wide Web and search engines has changed people’s way of life. In today’s world, it would seem impossible to search for something without searching online first. The first step to get people to find you is putting up your own website.

Web design is serious business. There are many things to consider when designing one. If you do not have any background in web programming or design, it’s best to leave it to the experts. Apart from the design itself, you will need web hosting services. You need to know what you want, so website design professionals can turn your vision into reality.

Red Rider Creative outlines the important things to consider when putting up a website for your business:

  1. Functionality

No matter how cool a website looks, if visitors get redirected to a non-existent page or lost in a myriad of content or photos, then it’s no good. A good website is easy to navigate and view on web browsers, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

  1. Pleasing to the eyes

Do not use neon colors or marquee texts that can make your visitors dizzy. Use fonts that are easily readable and colors that don’t hurt the eyes. You can also ask your web designer for preferred themes that will suit your business site perfectly.

These are just a few things to note when putting up your own website. Keep in mind that it will be your customer’s gateway to finding your products and services, so use this chance to make a good first impression. Good customer service will be the reason they will be coming back for repeat business.

Keeping It Safe While Relocating Your Gun Safe


MovingFor many gun owners, a gun safe is an indispensable tool for keeping their firearms secured from theft or unauthorized use. However, when the time to move them to a different location comes, these bulky metal boxes can become as dangerous as what they contain.

So, how do you safely get your safe from one place to another? Here are some useful tips.

Assess the move.

Your biggest consideration here would be the size and weight of the safe you are moving. Small, desktop safes for handguns can be easily moved without any help. On the other hand, if you are contemplating on moving a large one intended for long firearms, it would be better to get professional gun safe moving services in Denver.

Consider as well the location where you will be moving the safe. For larger ones, you will need to move furniture and other stuff out of the way to give the safe more room to maneuver.

Prepare the safe.

As a safety precaution, empty the safe of its contents before the move. Since these are firearms and ammunition, put them in a secure location where they can’t be accessed. Now, inspect to see if it is secured to its support. In most cases, safes are secured using bolts that you can readily dismantle using wrenches. Once you have removed the bolts, keep them in a storage box later.

Move your safe with a hand truck.

No matter how small your safe is, don’t try to lift it with your own arms all the way to the new location, as this can cause injuries. Instead, use a hand truck to ferry it over. Getting someone to assist you in lifting the safe onto the hand truck and guide you in maneuvering it around obstacles or down the stairs is a must.

If necessary, use a tailgate lift.

Depending on the distance between the old and new location, it would be a good idea to rent a truck that has a tailgate lift. This makes it easier to put the safe onto the truck bed. Lastly, see to it that the safe is properly secured using a durable harness.

Wear the right clothing.

As safes falling onto your feet are some of the most common accidents here, protect yourself by wearing steel-toed shoes. Also, wear thick gloves for your hands. This should go the same for your helpers.

Guns are powerful weapons. Owning a piece is already a responsibility – what more if you have a huge gun safe to care for and protect? Get professional help when moving a gun safe, or follow the above reminders at least.