3 Incredibly Cool Events You Just Can’t Miss in Australia

Moomba FestivalAs if there weren’t plenty of reasons to visit Australia already, these enjoyable festivals only add to the region’s penchant for celebrations and a good life. From exciting sports events to colourful parades to festivals that display the melting-pot legacy of Australia, it’s all being offered here.

Moomba Festival

Melbournians converge on the streets to participate in a fun-filled community event over the Labour Day weekend. The infectious carnival-like atmosphere is accentuated by a vibrant parade and a highly amusing Birdman Rally, where people strap artistically made wings to their person and go about leaping in an attempt to fly over the river. The event witnesses performances from some of the region’s most popular artists, and there a fairground ride, wizardry and a spectacular fire show to keep you enthralled.

Australian Derby

The making ground of the rich and famous, the Australia Derby is a Group I thoroughbred horse race for three-year-olds at set weights held at Randwick Racecourse, Sydney. The time honoured sport that attracts the region’s glitterati is replete with large sums of prize money, huge playfields and a classic display of fashion at the stands. You can purchase Derby tickets from a reputed ticket marketplace based in the region such as The Ticket Merchant.


Tropfest is the biggest festival for short films worldwide. The much-acclaimed festival has hundreds of entries pouring in, out of which only a handful are screened at the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens. The inspiring live screening attracts hordes of film making enthusiasts and seasoned film makers in the midst of a throbbing atmosphere. The festive ambiance is marked with music, live entertainment, and food stands. The swish red-carpet awards ceremony at the conclusion of the event is not to be missed.

Enjoyable Down Under Events

Australia hosts a series of enjoyable events that promises lots of action and merriment. From the carnival-style Moomba Festival to the exciting Australian Derby to the world’s largest festival for short films- the land is teeming with festivals that epitomize its spirit for fun.

The SBA Loan Program: Understanding the Process and Terms

packs of cash

packs of cashThe SBA Express loan program or express line of credit from the U.S. Small Business Administration is best for small businesses wanting to increase their cash flow, fund business improvements, refinance debts, or fund real estate or equipment. It features the most effortless SBA loan application process.

Expect faster approval, smaller down payment, and longer loan terms than conventional loans. Specifically, you can take advantage of the following when you are approved for the loan program:

Venture Bank lists SBA Express as a form of the SBA 7(a) program. It has a smaller loan amount—a maximum of $350,000, instead of the $5 million maximum loan amount for the SBA 7(a) loan. Despite this, you can get a response to your application in only 36 hours.

• The borrowers and lenders may negotiate interest rates. The rates may be variable or fixed, and will depend on LIBOR, the prime rate (according to the Wall Street Journal), or the optional peg rate (according to the Federal Register).

• You can’t exceed the maximum rates set by the SBA. Lenders can charge as much as 6.5% on top of the base rate for $50,000 loans or less, and as much as 4.5% on top of $50,000 loans or higher.

• Revolving lines of credit for as much as seven years are available. Lenders will only offer you maturity extensions upon approval of the loan.

• The SBA doesn’t require lenders to obtain loan collateral for $25,000 loans, but they can use their current collateral guidelines for express loans higher than $25,000, up to a maximum of $350,000.

• Lenders will use their own loan procedures and forms when processing an SBA Express loan.

• SBA doesn’t directly loan money to small businesses. They determine the policies for loans they guarantee through SBA’s partners, the various lending institutions.

The SBA Express loan is an excellent option if your small business requires a loan less than $350,000. The majority of small businesses will appreciate the quicker application process and turnaround times.

The Fire of Competition Never Runs Out: Keeping Your Business at the Head of the Pack


businessSome people who enter into a business venture can’t help but feel a slight hint of worry. “How will this new business stand out in a sea of already-established competitors?” is one of the questions that run through their mind. This becomes their focus as they draft their marketing plans and consider their options.

While there is no tried-and-tested and “correct” way to stay ahead the competition, entrepreneurs can still take action to go in the right direction. Here are guidelines that every business professional should live by:

  • Do your homework.

The key to satisfying customers lies in finding out exactly what they need and how you can provide it. Shape your strategy for sales and marketing based on your findings. That’s not the only researching you’ll need to do, though. Determine the scope of the competition and compare your products or services. PriceManager.com suggests using price tracking software to compare and monitor competitor prices.

  • Work on your marketing strategy.

The best marketing strategies are the ones that tell the brand’s story. Show exactly what you are all about and provide a unique value proposition to convince people that you are the right choice. The success of your marketing also depends on the channels you use. Make an effort to build a following and engage with your customers on your social networks or website.

  • Branch out.

Don’t be afraid to offer something new to your customers, especially if you feel that it addresses a need. Business is all about risk-taking and careful planning. If you’re confident that your strategies can help your business pull through, go take the risk.

  • Attract new customers, but value your old ones.

Just because you’re trying to get more people to your business doesn’t mean you can just forget your old customers. Customer loyalty is crucial in ensuring that you can make them come back for repeat business.

  • Stay focused on your future goal.

Work towards attaining that one goal that served as the inspiration in your venture. If you know your goals by heart, it will be easier to plan your business strategies.

There may be moments when you have to go back to square one and start all over again. Don’t feel bad about this — think of it as an opportunity for improvement. As they say, never be afraid to go for the fold.