4 Easy Steps to Change Your Car’s Filter

Car engine

Car engineChanging your Toyota Hilux fuel filters is an easy way to keep your car running at its best longer. Fuel filters work by trapping any debris in your fuel that could damage your engine’s performance.

With the right knowledge and tools, you don’t have to pay a trip to the mechanic to have your filters changed. Here’s how you can do it yourself:

1. Disconnect the battery

When you are changing the fuel filter, your engine should not be running. Disconnect the battery to prevent the engine from starting while you work. You can use your free hand or a wrench to loosen the battery’s negative terminal.

2. Locate the fuel filter

Modern vehicles usually have their filters alongside the fuel line. Some models, however, have it located somewhere else.  Refer to your car manual guide to help you find your car’s fuel filter.

3. Remove the clips that hold the fuel filter in place

After locating the fuel filter, remove the fasteners that hold it in place. Remove these fasteners with a screw driver to pop the fuel filter out of its place.  Take note that the clips that hold the filter in place can easily break. It’s best to buy new fasteners as well when purchasing a new filter.

4. Install the new filter

After you have removed the old fuel filter, compare it with the new one to ensure that it will fit in the bracket.  Never use a fuel filter that does not match the required standards because it will affect the efficiency of your car.

After fitting in your new filter, make sure that you fasten it tight to prevent fuel spillage. Avoid damaging your car by replacing your fuel filters as often as you need to.