Mobile Video is All the Rage: How is Your Strategy Holding Up?

Mobile Video Marketing Concept

Mobile Video Marketing ConceptIn the constantly evolving world of video marketing, even the savviest marketers struggle to keep up. The struggle to come up with new video strategies, however, is worth it as setting stories and content in motion can open up exciting opportunities for your brands.

Videos offer an unparalleled ability to go viral and enhance brand awareness and recall, which can directly affect sales. A survey conducted by WireBuzz, meanwhile, revealed that almost one-third of marketers say a lack of an effective video marketing strategy hampered them from seeing more return on investment (ROI).

Amidst the technological arms race, how then do noteworthy companies like Ahsante Labs create engaging and memorable video strategies?

Invest in New Technology

Savvy marketers maximize new technology by creating compelling videos. They take advantage of new strategies, such as 360-degree videos and virtual reality, to get more views and inspire customers. A study revealed that newer video formats could outperform traditional ones in terms of views, completion, click-through rates, and cost per impression. Despite the same content, copy and ad spend, 360 videos had twice as many viewers compared to conventional videos.

Be in the Moment

According to Facebook, people spend thrice as long watching Facebook Live videos versus conventional recorded video. For this reason, the company updated its algorithm to prioritize live videos in terms of ranking on the News Feed. This helped brands increase their level of organic reach.

Facebook live also offers an opportunity for consumers to engage with your brand, real time. This feature makes such video format significantly more attractive to younger audiences and Millennials.

With the advantages offered by video marketing strategies, forward-thinking brands, such as McDonald’s, Audi, and Marriott Hotel, leverage newer video formats like virtual reality and Facebook live to get their message across. You can do the same with your company by coming up with interesting video content and setting it in motion.

Ways to Optimise Your Video Content

Video Content Optimisation

Video Content OptimisationYouTube is one of the largest Internet search engines; you know why? It’s because videos are becoming the go-to content type for many users who want information or entertainment. They do not have to spend more time reading an article, when they can just watch a video instead. This allows you to reach your audience effectively and convey your message effectively.

An expert from Thecoalshed notes that you need to optimise videos to reach your objectives; a commercial production company cites the following ways for optimum video optimisation.

Educate Your Audience

Education-based content marketing is a wise approach to reaching out to your audience. This is where you create a script and provide value to the people watching the videos while you educate them as well. However, take note that educating does not mean the content is about you and your business. The video must be about actual and useful information you can offer your target market.

To create an effective education-centred video, focus on a certain group of people, identify its needs, interests and wants. Doing so allows you to produce first-rate videos that people want to view and share.

Focused and Relevant

Videos put you in control of the factors surrounding relevancy because this type of content displays everything you need, such as emotions, the human face, tone of voice and a brand message. This provides you with the opportunity to convey who you are and what makes you different effectively. Understand your audience, know their concerns and what information they need, doing so allows you to focus your branding and be relevant in the eyes of your target market.

Describe Videos in Detail

Use the description field of videos advantageously; including keywords and links to your website. This allows you to improve link building, boost page rank and convert at a high rate. This adds value to the video you publish and directs viewers to relevant content.

These are just a handful of ways to optimise your videos; implement these strategies accordingly to get the results you want.

What You Need from Your First + Provider

Corporate Video ProviderWhen your real estate company has finally gotten the funds together to create a video advertisement for promotional campaigns, you will be looking for the right video service for the job. For your first commission, do consider the following factors in choosing the right property video creators.

Professional – Being professional doesn’t simply mean their expertise in videography. Professionalism also involves being punctual for scheduled shoots and submissions. It also means mastering business ethics like proper coordination and transparency. Do they have proper people skills? Being knowledgeable with a camera and a computer would be videographer’s priority but that doesn’t mean they should be ignorant of properly caring for a client’s needs.

Affordable – Sticking to the budget is a requirement to good business habits. PlatinumHD noted that the same holds true for your real estate company’s video projects. Of course, when negotiating a package price for your corporate videos in Gold Coast, you have to be realistic as well. Take into consideration the experience, reputation and the price range of the video company before you ask for any discounts, payment schemes or promo prices. If you insist on paying cheap for your corporate video, don’t be surprised if you get the same deal in quality.

Experienced – Besides their reputation in the business and their work samples, do check the history of the videography studio you plan to commission. Research on their client list and the testimonials and comments posted online about them. You can even ask around from your present contacts what video company they rented for their marketing and promotional needs. At least you know that they do have a good history if they come highly recommended.

When you’ve gotten the best proposals together from your chosen video ad providers don’t hesitate to choose your finalist. Remember to discuss what you want with them while still trusting their decisions on what your ad would look like. Remember, they are the experts after all.

Viva Video App For PC On Windows XP & Mac OS

Video sharing and videography have become a part of communication as well as an online marketing tool in today’s internet and social networking age. Enthusiasts and amateurs are in constant search of distinct tools to enhance their video captures before sharing on various platforms. The ever changing technology, offers advanced options with multiple features, to aid in enhancing and creatively editing your videos, at the tips of your finger, like a pro. In this article, we will take a quick sneak peak at one of the most talked about Video editing app which is called Viva Video App.

Viva Video App is one of the most successful and ranked a number 1 in Google play store multiple times, as a best video making and movie editing free app, suitable for both the Android and IOS devices. The Viva Video application allows you to effortlessly and swiftly create and edit videos with multiple effects like merging and trimming of videos, making collages, adding stickers or fancy texts, audio and visual enhancement, reverse video, background blurring and many such features.

Why is Viva Video App so popular?

The user-friendly interface along with its simplicity accounts for its popularity, as this video editing app, allows even a novice to create videos like a professional, by using basic editing tools along with extensive add on features, that helps to create interesting video stories. The video enhancing features like Montage, Duet videos, PIP collage, Memes along with Filers, FX, Text options, transitions and a few others, take the whole editing process to another level of excellence.

Features of Viva Video:

This is a powerful video editor app created by QuVideo Inc and released in 5.7.3 version with updated versions having an improved performance and efficiency. Viva Video is available for free, while there is another version called Viva Video PRO which is the paid version, having a classic and simple UI design comprising of six grids. The Viva Video PRO app  has some of the unique and slightly enhanced features as compared to Viva Video free app such as:

  • Edited Videos are generated without watermarks
  • Offers unlimited video length option
  • Offers High definition quality while capturing video
  • Advertisement free app usage

How to use Viva Video App?

The Viva video app is available for free download and is easily available on the App Store. The app can be easily downloaded by following the below steps:

  • Go to the App Store on your Android or iOS device.
  • On the search tab, type Viva Video and press enter.
  • The window will show you all options with your search Viva Video
  • Select the relevant one and press for downloading.
  • Once the installation is finished after downloading you may open and start using the app.

After opening the app, you may go into the main menu and choose from, creating a new video through in app camera or you may proceed with videos or images in your phone gallery. After deciding on the multimedia file you may choose various options from the Viva free video app for editing and add special effects to your video.

The viva video app offers some really cool and interesting enhancement features to add on to your video which are as below:

  • User friendly interface, easy to use professional editing tools for trimming and merging of videos at ease.
  • Enhancing video features using creative features like stickers, GIFs, Text and font options, importing music, dubbing and much more.
  • Creative high definition camera lenses.
  • Exclusive selfie cameras for all selfie lovers to capture in various angles.
  • Nine different lenses for making funny prank videos.
  • Merging of multiple clips using various different multiple collage templates.
  • Creative videos like duet singing, dubbing, lip syncing etc.

The app definitely has some unique features to offer for videography enthusiasts. The vivavideo for pc is available at a nominal cost for professional editors and is a one-time investment with best features. The new version has come up with new enhancements for selfie lovers. Collage maker, SNS integration and easy slide show making are a few of the sought out features with Viva Video Pro apps, and no doubt makes it one of the most favourite video editing apps.