3 Ways to Improve the Readability of Your Content

Content Readability in Florida

Content Readability in FloridaMany readers don’t actually read content they see online they skim it instead. This may be a massive blow to the ego of writers and content publishers. This is because of the fast-paced lifestyle of people today. The best ranking websites find ways around this by making it easier for their visitors to read and browse through their published content.

Font Matters

This may not mean much to website visitors, but the font you choose will have a huge impact on the readability of the content you publish. In some cases, designers sacrifice readability for creativity, you must find a balance between the two to allow for easy skimming. M2strategicsolutions.com says that a first-rate web design company use different fonts and sizes for headlines and actual content. The headline should be short but on point. As this is shorter, you have the liberty to experiment with fonts.

For the actual content, using standard serif fonts are easier to read on a screen, some examples include Helvetica, Trebuchet, Arial, Verdana, and Lucida Sans.

Short but on Point

With the short attention span of your readers, the content you publish must be easy to skim and read. The first paragraph must lure a reader to scroll further down, and don’t forget to add a call to action in the end.

Importance of Line Spacing

After selecting the font, the line spacing is another aspect that you must pay attention to as it improves the readability of content. Some experts cite that the ideal size is 16 pixels, while others dispute that percentages are better compared to a fixed height. The optimal line height also depends on the size of the font used. One rule to think about is that readers must have more room between them and the screen for better readability.

The readability of the content on your website is an important piece of the puzzle. Using the right font at the right size makes it easier for visitors to determine if your article is worth finishing and sharing.

Principles to Achieving an Effective Web Design

Web Design in Provo

Web Design in ProvoHaving a working website is not enough for your business. It has to have a suitable and eye-catching design to attract audiences. Web design can directly affect your sales as customers may see it as a basis for legitimacy. A great design can mean high quality services and attention to detail. There are many principles that exist when it comes to web design. Here are some your website should follow.

The Golden Ratio

Mathematically, this is a pattern or a sequence that many consider as visually appealing. It creates a proportion that may look pleasing to the eyes. The pattern may also direct your eyes inward to where the subject is. When your design follows this pattern, your website is guaranteed to look organized and easy to work with. Most people will not engage with anything that looks confusing or disorienting. Having the golden ratio allows the eyes to move smoothly across the contents of the page.

Clear Communication

Redridercreative.com’s experts on website design in Provo emphasizes the clarity of communication. The purpose of your website is to introduce your company and display your products and services. It should not be a one-way communication if you want to succeed in turning leads into sales. Your website should have everything a customer is looking for at once. When it is difficult to find the information they need, users may end up closing the window and you just missed your chance at making a sale. Communicate your brand well and use more verbs to incite action on your readers.

Follow these principles when designing your page. Always remember that the key to web design is user interaction. How would you want your customers to use the page? Formatting your page based on the needs of your customers allows you to grab their attention and build trust.

Most Recent Trends in the Web Design Industry

web designTo get ahead of the tight online competition, most businesses use the most updated web trends. This allows them to stay relevant, keep their status quo, and on top of their game. Future-Ink.com reports that currently, most San Diego web design companies are starting to combine different basic and experimental elements to create creative and practical designs. The following are just some of the latest web design trends:

  • Responsive Design

It is very important to have a web design that is mobile-friendly. Keep in mind that most Internet users access the online world through mobile, which has led to the birth of responsive design technology. This kind of design allows online users access your website and view your site using different devices, such as tablets, smartphones, and of course desktop computers. Responsive design gives users the best viewing experience whenever and wherever they are.

  • Large Background Layout

Web designers know the important role of photos in the digital communication industry. Whether the site is designed for selling, blogging, or informing, large photos are used to set the tone or mood of the entire page. Images are designed to engage users and illustrate what the page is trying to convey.

  • List Icon Design

The list icon design is designed to make the website look more organized and more readable. This helps users find specific information they are looking for faster as this design is arranged with list icons. It features blocks of texts and then an icon to outline their page. The icon list illustrates the feature that is on the list.

As the online community gets bigger, the web design industry has become more in demand as well. This trend allows web designers to explore and discover more designs that are beyond our imagination. We can expect more ingenious and interesting web designs in the near future.