Web Localization: Essential for Local Success

Men talking about the website localizationWebsite localization involves making an existing website more suitable to its target audience. It is also known as website translation. The goal is to fix the website to make it more functional and accessible to a culturally-diverse audience. Here are some areas that your web localization expert will work on:

Website Localization Study

A Web localization study has an assessment phase fr every client. The assessment phase will determine the following: project specifications, process definitions, the scope of work, the project timeline, the estimated costs to complete the project

Web Content Translation

The localization expert will convert current website contents into a culturally-correct context. They will make sure that all aspects are appropriate for the target audience. These include grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, speech level, and style.

Site Navigation and Layout

Localization may affect the layout. It may also need space adjustments, depending on the intended audience or country. Important considerations include which pages to keep or add. Some pages may also need adjustments.

Localizing the Images

The pictures in your site may contain cultural messages. Review the images you include. Be careful not to include messages that some people or cultures may find offensive. If necessary, make adjustments to your pictures to help put your company in a positive light.

Localizing Symbols

Symbols may trigger localization problems. Some symbols used in the West may mean a lot of different things to international audiences. When targeting a foreign market, check the obvious symbols. These include units of measure, currency, time/date displays, and fonts. In some cases, even houses, animals and finger signs may need modifications.

Colors and Different Cultures

Colors may have cultural implications. Thus, you must consider the colors to use when localizing your website. This way, you can avoid giving out subtle messages or “hidden meanings.” While color choices may not bring disastrous results, being safe is always the best way to go.

These are some of the areas that a website translation or localization expert would consider. Make sure that your website is appropriate to your target country or culture to make your website a success.