5 Reasons Dubai is the Education Capital of the World

School in Dubai Dubai is the UAE’s most populous city, home to about 1.7 million people in 2009. Located on the south-east coast of the Persian Gulf, this country has gained immense popularity not only in Asia but across the globe as well. It is a global city and a business hub in the region.

One excellent thing Dubai can offer is high-quality education not only for its locals but also expats and foreigners. That is why Dubai schools vary from local to international educational institutions. These schools admit students depending on their qualifications.

  1. Well-Established Educational System

The educational system of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is well-established with years of polish. The country boasts high-quality education mostly based on prestigious international schools from countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

Also, studying in Dubai schools ensure that students will receive a quality education and training because English language courses are regulated. Dubai maintains classroom sizes and certifies professional qualifications of teachers.

  1. Modern Dubai Schools

One of the factors that Dubai schools take pride of is their modern infrastructure, notes the Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai. The city’s modern look is also seen among schools in the city. In fact, the infrastructures, equipment, and buildings of Dubai schools can be compared to high-end international schools across the globe.

  1. Beautiful City

Surrounded by sand dunes, Dubai has become a world-class city in UAE. It’s home to towering skyscrapers, amazing sceneries and lots of shopping centres. Dubbed the ‘City of Gold’, it is considered one of the safest cities not only in the Middle East but across the globe.

  1. Affordable

Compared to schools in other countries like the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, school expenses in Dubai are more affordable.

  1. Cost of Living is Economical

Compared to other developed countries, Dubai offers a more affordable cost of living. Food, utilities, and accommodations are priced economically for both local and foreign students.

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Aside from being a global business hub, Dubai has gained tremendous popularity as the perfect place to study. Offering internationally-acclaimed quality education, Dubai schools can compete with other international schools worldwide.