Flat vs. Sloped Roof: Which is Better?

Men installing roofThe roof type is a key consideration in any building design. A sloped or pitched roof has been around for centuries while a flat roof is more modern. As flat-roofed homes gain popularity in Lancaster, it should not be lost that pitched roofs have their advantages and that’s why they have passed the test of time.

Each roof type is suitable depending on what you’re looking for:

Thermal Performance

Flat roofs are better in energy conservation than pitched roofs. Klausmair Construction and other roofing companies in Lancaster, PA are getting more orders for this type from clients who are energy conscious. The insulation within the roofs makes all the difference. While pitched roofs may have cavity insulation system, flat roofs come with a more reliable rigid insulation, making them better energy performers.

Risk of Leaks

By their nature, flat roofs encourage the collection of snow and water. This, in turn, increases the chance of leaks and is not good for the health of the roof. On the contrary, pitched roofs allow the passage of water and snow, which can lead to a longer lasting roof.

Cost of Installation and Maintenance

If you look at cost of installation and maintenance, flat roofs carry the day. First, a flat roof uses less material. Furthermore, maintenance is easier because walking on the roof is effortless. Most cases of people tumbling from the roof involve pitched roofs.

Roofing Options

For those who are looking for roof aesthetics, a pitched roof will most likely come out on top. Generally, pitched roofs have more options in terms of materials, colors, and designs than its flat roof counterpart.

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No roof is for everyone. The frequency of maintenance, energy efficiency, the cost is one factor that will always come up when one is choosing between flat and pitched roofs.