Parenting Change: Controlled Quietness vs. Health

Dad stopping kid from playing computer games in the laptopMany parents are amazed at the advanced development of most kids today. Children are learning things at a much younger age than their parents, especially in the fields of science and math. In fact, toddlers operating gadgets that took parents months to learn are considered normal in the eyes of many.

A Big Negative Today

There have been some noted drawbacks, of course. One of them is the worry that children are becoming less engaged to physical activity. While there's a movement among young professionals to stay fit, this is not necessarily happening among children.

Temptation of Technology

The two biggest culprits in the eyes of most parents are technology and social media. As kids are introduced to technology at an early age, the bright lights, touch screens, buttons, and a variety of options at their fingertips are what they expect to have as part of their entertainment. This is why books and the usual toys often seem to be boring, as they do not provide what kids are expecting to see and experience.

Social Media’s Influence

The early exposure of children to technology has exposed them to social media, as well. In fact, there are sites dedicated to the interests of the young and this is what many of them see in searches daily — to see what's trending. Sadly, what they see often is still related to technology and no appeal to exercise is there.

Is It the Parent's Fault?

Though there's truth to it, others say that it's mainly because parents have opted for such choices rather than ensuring that their kids are on the path to healthiness. Many parents are busy trying to balance earning a living and taking care of the chores, so most of them just give have their children a device so they can sit in a corner and keep themselves entertained. They feel that there’s a lot less worrying compared to kids running around outside or perhaps taking a spin on their preschool trikes, but Play'n'Learn says that it's not entirely the case.

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Loving Exercise

The mindset mentioned above, however, needs to change if you want kids to develop a love for exercise. Not encouraging children to put down their tablets or video game controllers will affect the family even more. In fact, for most families, it's more stressful when the kids are sick due to inactivity.

Although it's good that children’s minds are more advanced than before, there must be a corresponding development in their bodies and in their view towards health. This begins with the parents’ and their priority of quiet entertainment versus boisterous healthy fun.