Properly Dealing with Your Loved One During Arguments

Dealing with Your Loved OneRelationships can be tricky. It can be romantic, but can also lead to pain and tears. Instead of facing conflict with fear, why not face it with compassion and understanding?

Control Initial Reactions – Reactionary responses are dangerous because it’s the raw, unfiltered feelings that can become hurtful when verbalized. The moment you say it, it opens up remorse because you focused on saying what “feels good” but isn’t truly good. In addition, the receiver will find it justified to react similarly and the fight then becomes a vicious circle. Think twice about what you say to avoid using words as weapons.

Find the Source – This can sometimes be difficult because your partner may be confrontational or unwilling to listen. Don’t assume this, however, especially if it’s an argument. These kinds of emotional moments don’t simply spring out of nowhere. They bits of resentment and insecurity fuel them, which can buildup and scar if you don't solve them in a loving and an understanding manner.

Find Common Ground – You both must have had a good start otherwise, you wouldn't have an ongoing relationship. Find that one common ground that you both enjoy and promise to do it regularly. says that these activities can be as simple as visiting a pizza place. After all, pizza is among the best food out there.

Give Space – There are so many jokes about partners asking for space and getting mad when the other person gives it. It’s true, unfortunately, even with simple family relationships and marriages. There are individuals who — instead of asking outright — give mixed or directly conflicting signals and assume their partners “know them well enough”. Why not say it as it is and be ready to explain your side if necessary.

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Love is not merely about broad displays of affection. It can be the willingness to listen first before speaking or reserving of time just to be together. At the end of it all, it's the forgiveness and moving forward that would count.