Things to Remember when Running a Hotel

Family checking in hotelHotel management is not just about opening up rooms and marking them as occupied. It’s also about ensuring that each room has all the necessities for your guest, and going the extra mile to give them a comfortable stay.

There are some things you might forget because you focus on the bigger items. Here are some examples:


While you can go with the least expensive brand of hotel shampoo and conditioner, your guests will not be pleased with these regular items. They want something a bit more lavish–or at least something that smells better. You should also not forget to contact your supplier of wholesale tissue paper. This is an essential for all rooms. If you run out of toilet paper and have to apologise to guests, they will think you don’t know how to run a hotel.


The whole idea behind a hotel is that guests are paying for their stay in a room with a comfortable bed. That means choosing not only a sturdy bed but also fitting it with high-quality sheets. The pillows should be fluffed up, and there should be a blanket ready for use. All of these should look and smell clean, and there should be no visible stains. One of your business contacts should be a professional cleaning company to keep linens in their best condition.


You can have the best linens and curtains, with the mini refrigerator stocked and the toiletries all lined up, but the room could still be problematic. If you don’t clean the walls thoroughly, they will smell bad due to the various odours they absorb through the years. Each room should be aired and deep-cleaned regularly to provide the best possible stay for your customers.

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Even small details matter when you’re in the hospitality industry. Don’t just offer your guests a room to stay; give them the quality they deserve and expect.