3 Ways to Keep Your Horses Happy and Healthy

Two healthy horses eating hay

A healthy horse is a happy horse. And there are many benefits to having one. If you have a horse, here are some tips on how to keep your horses happy, healthy, and stress-free.

Nutrition matters, but feeding schedule matters more

There are several choices for horse feed in NZ, and it’s easy enough to find one like Takanini Feeds that your horses will embrace. Nutrition plays a vital role in your horse’s health. What you feed them is very important but all the more, how and when you do are more crucial. Experts advise feeling your horses with small amounts of grain frequently. This means you shouldn’t feed your horses big meals in one go because they will have trouble digesting them. Try to keep at three times a day feeding schedule.

Minimise your horse’s stress levels

Stressed out horses are not happy horses. So make sure you go the extra mile to lowering the stressors around your horses as high levels can cause not just bad behaviour but also diarrhoea, depression, and ulcers. If you have only one horse, it might be better to board your horse with someone else’s so your horse will have a companion. When you’re riding your horse, be patient in training. If it’s frustrating for you, imagine how stressful it must be for her. If you can’t train your horse yourself, consider hiring a pro.

Make sure his vet exams and vaccines are on schedule

Horses need to undergo a yearly veterinary exam to ensure they’re at the top of their health. Just because you see nothing wrong with your horse doesn’t mean there’s nothing wrong, so it’s best to seek professional medical help on a regular basis. This way, your vet can spot any problems before they become big ones. Make sure that your horse’s vaccines for tetanus, West Nile virus, equine encephalomyelitis, and influenza / rhinopneumonitis are up to date.

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Enjoy a Happier Horse

Keep these tips in mind if you want to enjoy not just a healthier but also a happier horse. Remember, just like humans, horses need TLC, and it’s up to you to give it to them.