Condo Vs. Single Family Homes – Which is Better?

Single Detached Family HomeChoosing the right home for your family can be a tough decision. However, if you would need space where your children would enjoy, a single family home may be the ideal choice for your family.

If you are given a chance to choose between a condominium unit from that of a family home, which would you choose? The answer to this riddle may be dependent on various factors such as your age, your preference, and your lifestyle. There are pros and cons between one and the other.

Condos are Nice for Bachelors

Since condominium units would have you living in several squares of floor area way up in the nth floor of the building, this may not be the best choice if you have children. Remember, children will love to go up the stairs, or even just to go up and down the building using the elevator. This would be very dangerous for small children. According to Psychological Science, babies and young children don’t normally have a fear of heights as this is developed. Suffice to say, you have to watch your child when you live in such a unit.

Single Family Homes will always be Ideal for Families

Single detached family homes will always be the best choice if you have a family. If you aren’t yet ready to purchase your own home, then you can always lease. There are companies that are into the business of acquiring cash flow investment property, then they lease it out on a long term basis to families. You can always opt for this kind of property. That way, your family will be able to enjoy an ample space. Smart Kids 101 suggests that you just have to teach kids where your space or yard ends so that he won’t disturb other people.

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So if you are torn between a condominium unit and a single family home, it will always be to your family’s advantage if you opt for a single family home. It will be the most suitable choice not only for you, but most especially for your kids.